December 29, 2008

Jon Swift's Best Blog Posts of 2008 CBTBT

Last year, I had the honor and pleasure of being asked to submit a post for Jon Swift's Best Blog Posts of 2007-Chosen By The Bloggers Themselves. Jon Swift: Best Blog Posts of 2007 (Chosen by the Bloggers Themselves) That post, Don't mess with the South/Phony phone conversations which had a clip of the Top Gear guys messing with some rednecks in some sort of crazy competition, and Eugene Mirman's recordings of his hilarious phone calls with telemarketers from a homophobic, evangelical Christian long distance company, (the original Top Gear clip was changed to a longer, actually better clip, and the Mirman Mp3's are now "video clips"*A guy named Johnxrox made the clips-he loves Eugene also! Check out his YT channel-it's cool!) got me a lot of attention! It was nice!
What was really cool was getting to see other posts from bloggers I had never heard of or who I had been meaning to read but hadn't gotten around to it! Some of the stuff that I read was some of the best blog reading I have seen in a long time! I guess that's why its called "The Best Blog Posts..!

Well, this year I have been asked to be in Jon's BBP again! Jon Swift: Best Blog Posts of 2008 (Chosen by the Bloggers Themselves) I would like to ask that even if you've already seen my post(s) about Jerome Corsi's stinkin' book/banishment from Kenya, that you please check out the other blogger's posts, which again promise to be outstanding! Please don't forget to check out Jon's post at the end of this year's feature!

I want to thank Jon Swift for again asking me to be a part of this! It must have been a lot of work to get all these posts together in his own inimitable fashion! Thanks again for all your hard work on this! You did a heckuva job!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to do some heavy reading!

December 26, 2008

Comedy for the beginning of the end

Married to the Sea Married To The Sea: "The Champagne of Comics" is a great comic-just ask Anne Altman Two Can Anne who has posted lots of MTTS, done by Natalie and Drew Dee. On the MTTS site, they also have other funny stuff, including Superpoop Superpoop which are real photos-hilariously captioned! Here's a couple (or three) of Superpoop. That didn't come out well! Hey! That didn't come out so well eith...aww forget it-here
they are:

I have always liked Demetri Martin's comedy. Here, in this clip (audio only-someone put pictures to the jokes-check out this clip's "more info" on YT) Martin does his usual, unique, observational humor while playing his guitar.

December 22, 2008

Yeah-Merry Christmas to you too!

This is pretty much the feeling I have after shopping and crap for Christmas. Call me the Grinch, but I really don't like this time of year! (poor Cupid and Blitzen!)

December 15, 2008

Taking care of some business

If you're interested in purchasing some beaded, or charm-type jewelry for the holiday season, please check out my wife's site She has some pretty good deals on some great stuff!

Found a pretty good comedy "troupe" on YT. Landline TV. Here's a few of their clips:

December 12, 2008

Hair-lots of it

Just wanted to post a link to blog buddy OM's great site-All The BS -All the BS. He had a great link to a site that was meant to give thanks to Bush for his 8 long year of service to our country, but, it...uhhmm didn't quite work out like that:
*UPDATE: I guess the site's owners have been taking off "offensive" comments, and have made it harder to sign up anonymously. It's a pain to tell Bush what you think of him here. But at least he has a screen shot of the items people left from before!

December 10, 2008

Scat! Scat I say! You heard me! Scat!!

This little story isn't related to poop, or farts, but what the hey! Before we purchased our present home, we spent a good amount of time looking at homes with realtors and checking out different homes-new and old. We were looking around here to find a house in the vicinity where we grew up. Problem is the North Valley area of ABQ has become the most expensive area in the city! We looked and looked and finally saw a very nice house being built in a new development a few miles North of where we live now. It was a 4 bedroom home with all the SW design styles we love in a home. We made arrangements with a realtor who represented the builder to formerly check the house out one Saturday.

So my wife and I go over there, and we're looking at the house and we're really "digging" it! It's a little high for us around 250K, but it was sooo nice! Anyway, we're talking about the security of the home: It would have an alarm installed. There was going to be a high wall built around this whole development, and best of all, this new community would be a gated neighborhood. No one could come into this neighborhood that wasn't a homeowner or didn't have the correct code! That made us feel safe!

We were looking out a window at the front yard and surrounding homes, and just then, realtor was extolling the benefits of how safe the neighborhood would be and that gate (ok-it wasn't fully functioning at the time, but don't ruin this for me ok?!) and how it would keep unwanted elements out of the neighborhood, when we heard a loud screeching and squealing of tires. There was a "turnaround" kind of traffic slow down thing in the center of the community- and some guy in a blue '80's Plymouth Relient Station Wagon

was driving as fast as he could, round and round that circle thing. He was an older, balding heavy guy with glasses (this is imprinted in my mind!) Now that I think of it he kind of looked like that one Al Qaeda guy, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

with glasses! He was leaning his head out of the window as he drove squealing the tires, yelling, and laughing crazily! He did this about 6 times, and then left! The realtor was like-"Oh dear!" "What's he doing?!" "Should we call the police!?" She was probably also thinking-"I just lost a damn sale 'cause of this bozo!" Of course, a fully functioning security gate would have stopped this guy, but we ended up getting a new home a little cheaper.

My wife and I still laugh about this ! We never forget the timing, and irony of this event!

Some smelly, shitty comics, for your stinky pleasure!

Going along with that theme: - Facts About Poop

December 6, 2008

Classic Corddry

There are and have been some really, really funny people staffing The Daily Show. One of these very funny personalities was Rob Corddry. His angry facial expressions, ridiculous sight gags, with him often taking a swipe at dumbass John Stossel's whiny "Give Me a Break!" reports are funnier than you know what! I mean, come, on!

Some funny motherf&%*@!s!

I have been wanting to put up some clips from this guy for a long time. I like Kat Williams' comedy a lot! He is raw as hell, but there is a undercurrent of thinking about being a better person amidst all the cussing and n-words! From Wikipedia: As a guest on The Tonight Show in February 2007, he spoke about the importance of adopting from foster care, stating "...he didn’t have to go to Africa to do it. Amazingly enough, there are needy kids right down the street."

I just read that he recently had been asked by some family members to seek mental evaluation due to some erratic behavior. "Comedian Katt Williams hospitalized in SumterI guess he is now saying that a December 31 appearance with Steve Harvey will be his last stand up. I really hope he gets better soon, whether it is stress, or family issues, I hope he can work it out-he's one funny guy!

And, kinda related...

December 1, 2008

True confessions Part 2-and some other crap

Update: I fixed the Top Gear in the South/rednecks video from June 14 2007. That was one of my most-clicked posts due to Jon Swift's "Best Blog Posts of 2007" feature. I am still trying to get those Eugene Mirman mp3's back online! I will!
I kinda got the Eugene Mirman stuff on again-(he had taken off the Mp3s and put on streaming clips) I put on a link to those, and put Youtube "clips" on. I still laugh like hell at this stuff! I can listen to it a thousand times-it's still funny!
Don't mess with the South/Phony phone conversation...

I forgot to post this admission last time, but here goes. It's another "name confusion" story.

Back before I was married (wife says "better be!") I met this really cute girl at a nightclub. I was always the shyest dude around but my friend goaded me into getting her number. I thought her name was "Hannah" (I wrote her number down- it was loud in there-just in case you're wondering how there might be confusion about her name)

Anyway, my cousin was getting married a few days later and I somehow got up the nerve to call her up to see if she wanted to go with me. There was going to be a reception, and dance after. I couldn't believe it when she said "yes"! (she was really pretty and I thought I had no business even being in her vicinity.) Anyway, we go to the ceremony and to the reception, and I'm introducing her as "Hannah" to all my cousins, aunties and uncles, etc. Then, after we ate, she wanted to change out of her "dressy" clothes into some clothes she could dance in, so I took her to her house. She came out dressed in the tightest, shortest, black miniskirt I had ever seen! Wow! So...let me collect my thoughts..thinking back....Oh yeah, uhhm... the dance! So we go back to the hall for the dance. All my male cousins (and even some uncles!) are checking Hannah out! In fact, I know a few of my male cousins' wives seemed a little pissed about her looking so damn good-ahem! I mean, they thought maybe the dress was a little too sexy. So a few of my relatives are coming around and I am introducing her to them: "Hannah, this is so and so...etc. Well one of the pissed off wives comes by and says something like-("I see you got into something a little more... comfortable") and I introduce Hannah to her. Pissed off wife/cousin says-"what was your name again?" and "Hannah" says "Anna"!! And PO'd cousin says "oh, I thought he called you "Hannah."!! I was shellshocked! Here I had been calling this girl Hannah all the time! I told her "I've been calling you 'Hannah!'" She said something like "it's ok-I knew you were just joking!" (I was like, yeah, that's right! I was just joking!) She was ok with it probably because when I called her on the phone, I was so nervous about talking to her, I used humor to drown out my flubs and "humina huminas." She apparently thought I was just teasing her about her name, and let me call her "Hannah"! (maybe she was a little "ditzy?" kind of like a Latina Barbie doll- I don't know!)

Here's some other crap:

I saw this "ad" for Youtube on its homepage. What the heck is that dessert supposed to be? (click to enlarge photo) I doesn't look appetizing at all! It looks like maggots in wet potting soil, with some whipping cream! I clicked the video and it's no joke. It's supposed to be YouTube's Holiday Solutions Center. I guess that clip is the one you want when you want a "solution" to not throwing up!

November 28, 2008

God, give me more horrible Christian music!

Did you know that the "renewed mind" is the key? Now you do:*(better watch it while you can! The other clip of this I had posted was taken off YT by The Way International for copyright infringement!)

Most of you have seen this clip- Son Seed-singing Jesus is a Friend of Mine. This is a funny parody (like if the original wasn't already a parody of itself!) of that song.

Comedian Mike Birbiglia talking about Christian music:

November 27, 2008

True Confessions

Hey! Maybe I should try this sometimes when I don't know the answer!

True confession Story time: When my son was born, my wife and I were walking around the hospital floor with me pushing my son in one of those hospital bassinets a few days later, since she had had a cesarean. We saw the Principal of the school were I had worked a few years earlier, who was with her daughter who had also just had a baby. We went up to her and I said hi, she said "hi" and she said "this is my daughter, etc" and then she said "what is it?" I thought she meant what did you have-a boy or a girl? She really meant-"what was your name?" I said proudly, "baby boy." She looked at me kinda weird and said, "Uhmm, no, I mean, what was your name?" My wife was so sore from the C-section that laughing was really hard for her, but she could barely keep from just bursting out loud! I got teased about this for a while! Now, we sometimes think about that day when I called myself "baby boy"!! It's good for some chuckles!
I will post a "name confusion" story that happened to me a while back for the next post. (I don't know, guess I feel like getting these off my chest!)

I always liked Rodney Dangerfield. What a classic comedian he was! Maybe the king of the one-liner.

I always liked this guy too: Richard Belzer on Reagan and Salman Rushdie:

Update: I just saw this in my list of updated blogmates posts! Another typically hilarious post from Jon Swift, just in time for the post Thanksgiving snacking and regorging!
Let Us Remember the True Meaning of Thanksgiving Before It’s Abolished

November 22, 2008

Sunken Dreamboats, Failures, and the Mob

I saw this photo set on the MSN homepage advertising People Magazine's latest issue about former "Dreamboats." What I find striking about these 3 photos is that Mickey Rourke looks like an Igor-like creature! I mean, man! In that pathetic photo, it looks like he's even saying, "yeeeesss, Master!" Then, Tom Cruise has that ridiculous "I wanna look like a 7-year-old boy" haircut, and finally, Val Kilmer is just looking like "Yeah, I farted, I don't give a shit anymore! I admit it... I'm just too damn tired to fake it anyways!"

Another thing I noticed: Look at the weight loss program ad to the right of the "Sunken Dreamboats." In the "before" photo, in my opinion, the woman looks pretty good to me! Yeah, I have never thought the runway model skinny look was attractive, and I think "curvy" women are more hot, but, what I'm saying is" what's so bad about the first woman's body in the first photo!? In the second photo, she looks like she's possibly....well starving...kinda like this chick did (from The Onion)
I Lost 32 Pounds In 15 Days And Died!

I used to comb The Smoking Gun all the time to look at the funny mug shots and arrest records of stars and plain old interesting citizens. Here is a funny story I found there recently. I knew a kid like that in school-but he wasn't caught and arrested for it-the way those suckers smelled, he shoulda been!
Florida Boy Arrested For Gas Attack

One of my favorite parts of TSG was the WMOB section. wmob Here, you can listen to FBI wiretap recordings of Federico "Fritzy" Giovanelli and Frank "Frankie California" Condo and a few other wiseguys talk about...well, nothing much, but some of the recordings are pretty funny! Just trying to imagine these wise guys talking about the most mundane things in life, their wives, and digestive health is too funny! Here is a just sampling of some of their funniest clips, but there's a bunch!


I have seen a lot of Failblog's FAIL Blog: Pictures and Videos of Owned, Pwnd and Fail Moments stuff on other sites like For Your Entertainment , but I went and checked out the site and saw this. Somebody has an anger problem.

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November 19, 2008

Music stuff

I enjoy checking out guitar clips on YT and one of my favorite people to check out is Justin Sandercoe: Here's his website, in which there's a link to his blog: Free guitar lessons - He's a cool London-based guy-I like the way he describes the lessons and he's just seems like a guy you'd have a beer with while jamming some blues songs!

Recently, I was on his channel and came across some odd comments to a video he did about a finger dexterity exercise. There is one comment that is at once a little comical and maybe a little touching. (The one about hating God) I like what the other guy ends up suggesting!

(Click to enlarge)


I don't know how anyone can listen Don Imus for too long. Not only can he say some racist crap once in a while, but, that voice! It sounds like he's chewing on frogs while trying to speak! It kinda reminded me of that voice Billy Gibbons uses on La Grange-you know- that "heah heah heah heah" thing.

November 17, 2008

Some things I don't joke about

I have been a member of the ACLU for 13 years. I believe in free speech all the way. I would never ever want to censor anyone on their blogs. Whatever you post is your choice.
I love having my blog I feel that it gives me a voice that I don't have in my personal or work environment. I like to joke just about anything-righties, Evangelical Christians, gross stuff-bodily functions, sex, cussing, etc, etc.

There are some things though, that to me, are not a joking matter, and that I won't parody: rape, the Holocaust, people dying-from disease or starvation, and people with special needs. I think with most of those things, it's pretty obvious why I (or someone else) might not want to parody or joke about those subjects. With the special needs thing, though, it seems to be a pretty widely accepted to do in the blogosphere. I am not sure why, but it is.

Having a child with special needs sensitizes you to things. It can hit home. In addition, I have been a teacher to young people with special needs for more than 12 years.

My point: I won't join in/comment on/link with this kinda stuff. That's all.


November 15, 2008

This is sick! And you're sick for viewing it!

You may have heard of the "goatse" - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia thing before (if you do check other links regarding goatse out-be careful it's pretty nasty stuff! This link's safe) in your Internet travels. Recently, I was on Crooks and Liars and I saw an ad for Obama that looked strangely like a goatse kind of thing. I have not doctored up this photo at all! (it may still be up at CnL!) It's probably just happens to look like a "goatse thing," but I could be wrong-Karl Rove could be at it again!

Below is a "goatse" type photo about as "safe for work" as I could find:

And, below the weird Obama thing that I saw. I know the picture is referencing Superman, but still... I found it when on this great post from the excellent site Jon Swift Jon Swift: Obama’s Disastrous Gaffe-Laden Press Conference which contained this link William Ayers (that takes you to a great TDS clip.)

What the hell happened to Victoria Jackson from SNL?! I had liked her on SNL. She always played the ditzi blonde, but damn, I don't think think this is an act! People, I think she could have gone off the deep end! I am going to just post a link to her website and let you take a look. (scroll down a little for the strange poems and her thoughts on Obama's Presidency!) At first, I thought it was a prank-it's that bad! I am still not completely sure that this isn't some kind of parody, but based on her description of her beliefs, I am thinking it's unfortunately not a prank.
Victoria Jackson

This guy has a question for all you men out there: (listen for both parts)

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November 14, 2008

The Lost Videotapes of Endorsement

I came across these videotapes of endorsement of the McCain/Palin ticket at Matt Sear's blog which is very funny! Matt Sears Forever. I know the election is over. But I think its important to remember what types of characters supported the McCain/Palin campaign. Besides, these tapes are funnier than hell!

A PowerPoint presentation about the different species and sub-species of mulletania

Do you know Jack Schit?

Recently NASA released their first photos of the "four alien planets." Hmmm....what is it about this one photo....? I can't put my finger on it! (but maybe in it!) The planet in this photo looks so familiar! Maybe something I have seen on the Internet? I don't know....

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November 12, 2008

Here is a funny phone call that was recorded on the Jimmy Dean Sausage Hotline. Download the damn thing if you want, or just listen.

3 Things that bug me:
1. That turntable needle scratching the record sound whenever someone says something crazy in different commercials. That shit's old-it has to stop!
2. That nerdy-voiced guy (kinda sounds like Ben Stein) that voices all the fast food and young people type ads in that monotone voice.
3. Sam Waterston-I never liked his character on LaO. I always loved it when the alleged perp was proven innocent! Yeah, Jack! In your face, dipshit! I have hard time even when I see him in a commercial, I kinda like hate the guy, you know? Not really, he just irritates me for some reason-guess its the LaO character.

Two phrases I find funny:
1. "mangina" -I find this phrase to be hilarious-it just sounds funny, and the thought of it coming to fruition (better watch how I word that!) is also the height of funny!
2. "vowel movement"-as in "ahhhh, eeee, iiiiih(?), ohhhhhh, uuuuuhh-sorry, I just had to make a big vowel movement." sorry, that's stupid, I know!
Speaking of bowel movements: My mom is always afraid of saying anything "wrong" or "improper." So when she's talking about my son going to the restroom to "make #2", instead of coming right out and saying that, she will say "...then after he ate, he needed to go have a 'BM', so he left the table." I tease her and say something like "What, he had a 'Brian Mulligan?" Or, "You mean he needed to have a 'Brian Martinez'?"!!!

I know you may have seen some of these before, but I was reading the newspaper the other day and saw some funny married names, and thought I'd post some:

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Unity. And big fat white women.

We have just been through one of the most contentious election periods in our nation's history. (and that contentiousness ain't over just yet!) What we need to do now is try to unite! While I know that our country needs to unite amongst different races, creeds, and beliefs, I don't think that this kind of activity depicted in this next video is quite what we mean by "uniting"!

There has been some talk lately about how the "Huxtable factor" may have affected the outcome of the 2008 election: Cosby ponders the election's 'Huxtable factor'.

Hmmm. I'm not sure that the "Huxtable Factor" figured into this great victory for Barack Obama. I think that what was more a factor in this election was an aversion to the "Bunker Factor"
The "Bunker Factor" is a heretofore unreported phenomenon in which Americans, tired of hearing the same old right wing, racist lies and garbage rehashed over and over, finally have had enough. They voted against "Bunkerism."
"Eedit! I told you I don't want any of them, you know, coloreds in the White House in this here U.S. of A! Now, stifle yourself!"

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November 9, 2008

Alternative to

Please! Does anyone know of a good reliable alternative to! Blogrolling has been out for about 2 weeks now, maybe longer. I have liked using BR-its easy to use and I have had few troubles with it before, but this outage has been really long! It doesn't seem like editing or adding links will be coming back online soon. I have wanted to add Kirby and Tits( heh heh-that sounds kinda funny!) to my list, and add Bubbles' new blog address. Well, if anyone knows a good program to use, let me know. If BR comes back on by next week, I might be ok, but it doesn't seem likely.

November 7, 2008

Odds and Ends

I found a couple of these "literal" videos that are "resung" by Dustin Mclean. This is a video of a popular song with lyrics that are really happening in the video! What?! You say? Check it out and you'll see! This redone video version of Tears For Fears' Head Over Heels will literally make you laugh!

Here's another redone by Dustin McClean-A-ha's Take on Me. I never really liked this song! It was one of those songs that stuck in your brain and you couldn't get it out!

I know, I know, our long national nightmare is over-(I think!) but here is a blast from the "past"! Sarah Palin is so dumb...

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November 4, 2008

All I can say is "Wow!"

I have just watched all the news accounts of Barack Obama being elected 44th President of the United States! I am just blown away by this historical precedent and so happy that Americans in droves have chosen a leader who I think will lead us down a better road.

People didn't fall for the near constant smears, innuendo, and outright lying from extreme right talk radio and TV pundits. They voted in their best interests, I believe.

For me, as a progressive Democrat, while I fully supported Obama it was with a little trepidation. While I may have sometimes felt Obama is definitely not, as the far right said, the "socialist" or "radical leftist", and actually a moderate and sometimes somewhat conservative Democrat on some issues, I still think Barack Obama will make a great President.
I am proud that my country has come together to elect a great person to lead our country and show all of us and other countries that the American people can come together for common good.
Phew! Sorry that sounds a little too "politician" for me but I mean it!

November 2, 2008


I would hope most of my blogmates and the maybe 10 readers I get once in a while have voted already, but if you have not, please do so. This is a very important election. Maybe the most important ever. Watch the whole clip to get the full effect!

November 1, 2008

Sarah Palin gets Pranked!

Whoa! I just came across this-a prank call to Sarah Palin from Quebec prankster duo the "Masked Avengers"-Marc-Antoine Audette and Sébastien Trudel, posing as Nicolas Sarkozy! I just had to post this! After initially thinking it wasn't true, I found it is a "real prank." Some people may say this is "mean" but I think beneath that "folksy charm," Mrs. Palin has been down and dirty with the smears and distortions on the campaign trail also.

"Governor Palin was mildly amused to learn that she had joined the ranks of heads of state, including President Sarkozy and other celebrities, in being targeted by these pranksters. C'est la vie," she said.

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Cartoons just for you. Yeah! You! Who in the f*%$ did you think I meant!? Casablanca Ortiz?! Jehosophat Stinkenheimer?!

This "G.O.P. PSA" from For Tax Reasons, work of Ben Levin and Matt Burnett, is kind of a strange 'toon, but funny in a macabre Saturday AM cartoon-type way!

If Stewie ruled the world.

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October 31, 2008

Just in case you're bored on Halloween...come here!

Just on the off-hand chance you weren't out trick or treating with your kids or just by yourself-(that's kinda weird-you're an adult!) check out these little related 'toons!

October 28, 2008

Of aliens and memes

This just in....Some important explanatory information about Cindy McCain. I knew there had to be something with that "otherworldly" look about her!

Blog pal Dr Zibbs tagged me with the 6 odd things/quirks about me meme. Try saying that 6 times, really fast. I dare you!

The purpose is to share 6 non-important things/habits/quirks about your self.

Here are the rules for this meme:

1. Link to the person that tagged you

2. Post the rules on your blog

3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself

4. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs

5. Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

6. Let your tagged peops know once your entry is UP.

1. I am a little OCD about some things. If I am the last person out the door in the morning, (and especially if I am running late) I will check to see that the coffeemakers, and/or toaster etc are unplugged-(as we always do every AM) but not just once, but several times! I will check our front security door several times. In my mind, I am thinking maybe didn't really feel that that the door was locked, or the appliances off/unplugged.

2. I am right-handed, all except for writing (on paper) with my left. When I was teaching in the classroom, I found that I could and would write with my right hand easier than with my left. (something about the angle/perspective?!) Who knows?

3. If I have had a crappy day at work, or I am in a bad mood, I would much rather listen to heavy music-80' metal, punk, grunge, whatever is "harder-sounding" than some easier listening, supposedly calming music. If I listen to happy pop stuff, it gets me more pissed. I would rather the music "commiserate" with me at the time I feel like s*%$, than tell me I should be smiling and whistlin' a tune!

4. I cannot cross my eyes.

5. Nor can I do the Vulcan Salute (without "helping" my fingers to make the sign)

6. I "save" all manner of insects/arachnids in the house by using a special cup to capture and then heave them far outside. If I hear my wife say-"Hon! Better get your spider cup! Quick!" then I know it's probably a large hairy spider, who had just wandered off course and entered our humble abode. Of course, flies, roaches, and mosquitos are dead meat, but I will save the actually docile, scaredy cat black widow-(hey they are good to get rid of the damn flies!) and the occasional centipede. Wasps and bees probably not. Too hard to catch!

and now...I am supposed to tag 6 people:

1. bubbles' new blog

2. Two Can Anne

3. When Will I Use This?

4. For Your Entertainment

5. I make no promises...

6. Tits List

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October 26, 2008

Do the Wall Street Shuffle!

A perfect song to describe what happened to our economy! Too much greed, and too much deregulation of that greed! One of my favorite guitar songs-The Wallstreet Shuffle by 10CC. You can download it, or check it out here:

Before we knew that Barack was coming to ABQ, we had gotten tickets to go see Gordon Lightfoot. I know some of you may laugh, but I think he was/is? a pretty good guitarist/songwriter. Besides, he has been sick lately and this may be his last concert tour. Well, we went to the concert. Poor Gordon! Geez! He just isn't the same. I told my wife/relatives who went with us-if I could just put out of my mind that this guy was Gordon Lightfoot, I could take it. His songs that I didn't know were ok, but the familiar ones were just not the same. Anyway, later, after the concert we went to the local Flying Star to get a late snack, and heard from people who had been to the Obama rally that there were approximately 60K!! In the paper this AM, it said 45K, but our paper is like Fox News-print version! The news of the great turnout in this city/state that was supposed to be a big questionmark for Obama is great! McCain had a rally also in ABQ yesterday in the AM. Supposedly 1100 turned out for that!

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October 22, 2008

Native comedy and a "what if?"

In looking for interesting standup, I came across a clip for the ill-fated Richard Pryor Show in 1977. This native standup comedian named Charlie Hill came on Richard's show and gave a little of the Native American perspective on life in America. Here is that clip and a more recent clip of Hill from the 2000's.

Here is something that you can send to a friend who is thinking about not voting in the coming election (I haven't heard of any of them thankfully, but just in case!)

I got this email from MoveOn with the subject "you're in this video" The body of the email said that on November 7, Obama's loss in the previous Tuesday's election could be traced to me not getting out to vote! (like that would ever happen!) It's a fun, funny video, well done and edited perfectly. Send it to your friends!

By the way, isn't the newscaster that guy that I had posted Some Oldies but Goodies... and maybe you hadn't seenies? doing that great impersonation of Keith Olbermann? I am pretty sure it is, but tell me what you think.

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Genre benders, exploding stomachs, and sniffing model airplane glue. In that order

I have noticed that there is a lot of "crossover" in some very disparate forms of music lately! The genre-switching is new and interesting! We probably haven't seen these kinds of musical twists since Run-DMC and Aerosmith melded! Wow! Take a look at these new releases from both RnB crooner T.Z. and Death Metal dudes Maggot Infested Brain:

T.Z.'s Disfigured Corpse EP cover:

T.Z.'s Disfigured Corpse EP back:

Maggot Infested Brain's new (self-titled) new CD cover:

Maggot Infested Brain's new CD (back):

We ate some tomato and basil veggie burgers and some really delicious seasoned oven-baked potatoes tonight. Man! That was good! It's just that I ate way, way too much! Almost like this guy from Monty Python's The Meaning of Life-one of my favorite comedy troupes and movies:

Classic standup- Lenny Bruce on the Steve Allen Show-1959:

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October 18, 2008

More weird S!#*!

Here are some weird comics: (click to enlarge)

True story. I had a primary Dr. who, twice mistakenly identified me as another patient. This particular Dr. asked me after he came into the examination room-"Hey, how are you dealing with the Crohn's disease?" Not having Crohn's disease before (or so I thought-I had just had a physical and the Dr. was to give me my results) I now thought for a second that I had just developed Crohn's disease! After he realized it was another patient with a similar name, we were ok until next time. The next time, he came in the room, and said, "we need to keep monitoring how you're doing with your diabetes"! Of course, I luckily didn't have diabetes, and of course, I promptly switched to another Dr.!

Speaking of comics-one of my favorite cartoonists -(if not my favorite!) Dan Piraro had this fun little interactive Palin click and see what happens thing on his blog Bizarro Blog. Just a word of warning-it has some graphic depictions of animal killing-being that she's an avid hunter.

In looking for guitar "how-to" video clips on YT, I have come across some informative clips from a channel called Expert Village expertvillage that features hundreds of videos of people who purport to be experts in many different fields and interests. There are musicians, handypersons, exercise experts, etc, etc. There are videos on how to be a pole dancer, how to survive prison, and many other different scenarios and situations. Most are not done as a joke, but real people who are trying to help people out people needing information about the field they are strong in. And some of the people who are the "experts" are really experts. They are knowledgable, and give good advice. It is the people who are obviously joking around or doing silly stuff that caught my eye the other day. Some of this stuff is STRANGE! Weird. But it can be funny sometimes.

Here are some clips of a guy who claims to know a lot about the art of the put down, the smack-down- trash talking extraordinaire, Ryan Tapp: (sorry-couldn't embed these EV vids)

How to talk trash:
Smack-talking by insulting significant others

Talking about someone's mama to trash talk:

How to survive a zombie attack:

Choosing weapons to use against the zombies:

How to run from the zombies: