June 18, 2008

It's been soooo hot over here!

Lately it's been so damn hot over here! It's actually been kinda humid here and so the swamp cooler-even turned up to high, isn't doing anything for us and we're sweating-sweating like Ashanti is sweating in these sweaty photos!

Ok, ok! Don't sweat it! I'll stop with this kinda sweaty sexist stuff! I was surfing around and found this interesting blog about celebrity sweating! It's where I found the above sweaty pics. It's called, not surprisingly, Celebrity Sweating http://www.celebritysweating.com/. They have many, many sweating celebs here! No sweat!
They give a little support for Obama (I do think their attempt at humor for the Obama post was kinda dumb!) Obama Sweats Gracefully as Only Future Qualified Presidents Can.

I used to sometimes get promotional copies of The Funny Times, THE FUNNY TIMES MAGAZINE Cartoon Monthly a monthly mini-newspaper featuring mostly social, and political comics and humorous columns, as a result of subscribing to several lefty and media commentary mags. I always thought of subscribing to TFT, but never did. I recently decided to look at the site to see about posting some of the work of cartoonists I have seen in the paper. There was a section called Links and Letters-(I was trying to find links to cartoonist's sites) and at the bottom of this page was "Hate Mail." I checked that link out. Funny stuff, but actually a little bit creepy also! Hate Mail.

Here are a few 'toons from a great cartoonist I have been meaning to post for a long time. Matt Bors, whose toons are often found in The Funny Times is a great artist who has a biting sense of progressive humor! His artwork is somewhat similar to another great cartoonist, Jen Sorenson who I posted a few from earlier C3 Fun -Comics, Comedians and Clips: 2007-10-07.