June 19, 2009

Oh look. It's a ghost. Yawn.

Do any of you watch and enjoy the T.V. shows Ghosthunters, Ghost Adventures, or The Scariest Places On Earth? If so, sorry if I offend you with what I am about to say. First of all, I don't believe in ghosts, so that's part of my disdain for these shows, but not only that, these shows don't even provide a cheap thrill! They're actually more comedies than anything that's thrilling!
I hate these dumb shows with all my heart! These shows are ridiculous! They are dumb. (Have I said dumb enough?)
Let me count the ways these shows are dumb for each dumb show. Maybe you'll agree or nod your head with a knowing-"yeah that guy is telling it like it is about those f#$^% up, sh!#@ headed, mother@$%^&% shows." Well, maybe you won't say it exactly like that, but something along those lines. Well here goes. I am stating my case.

Ghosthunters: (My wife likes to watch Ghosthunters so I try not to make fun of it too much in front of her!)

1. When Joe the Plumber lookalike Jason Hawes says with a straight face, "this may be a residual haunting" to some homeowner, that's just.....dumb. Residual haunting....

2. When Grant Wilson says "This is an EVP. (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) This will record any supernatural voices that our human ears will not pick up." I would love to be on the set to tell him, "Yeah right!" "That's probably your 2 year-old playing with his toys, and that other noise is Jason taking a crap!"

3. The show is horribly edited-It's choppy as hell. Homeowners with "ghosts" are asked something about their experiences with "their" ghosts, at the beginning or the end of the segment, so they give them about a minute or two to talk, then baldy and greasy will cut them off, by jumping out of their seats and say, "ok lets set up," or will shake their hand at the end of segment. It seems all interactions on this show are like this. Even the ghosts are cut off. They could be experiencing a lot of "phenomena," but still, Joe the Plumber and Grant will tell everyone to start packing up-they gotta go! Caspar be damned.

The Scariest Places on Earth:
1. hosted by Linda Blair and narrated by Zelda Rubinstein of Poltergeist fame-Zelda tries to sound scary, but really-those voiceovers of hers! They make her sound like she just got up from a long nap! And poor Linda sounds tired and in need of a nap!

2. The "scary" parts consist of showing people's faces, filmed with nightvision lenses, screaming about something they just heard and which the TV audience does not hear. "Arrrgh! Did you hear that?!" (no we didn't) "Oh God! Did you just hear THAT?!" (again we didn't hear THAT either) That's pretty much it-just repeat that 10 times.

Ghost Adventures:
Boy-imaginative title huh? This one is the worst in my opinion. It consists of an idiot (Zak Bagans) yelling at ghosts with his stupid, greasy, shitty hair. "Hey dude-ghost! Come on out and fight like a real ghost, dude!" This guy is irritating! Most of the time, Bagans will hear something that only he can hear, or be tapped on the shoulder (very convienient that only Zak seems to get tapped or nudged by ghosts!) He'll jump up and shout "Dude! Did you just hear that?!" Most of the time no one has, but sometimes there is the faint sound of something, maybe someone's stomach growling.

This blog did an excellent job of describing this show and Bagans-and I concur wholeheartedly, so I will let you click the link to check it. His description of Mr. Bagans is perfect. (the description of this show is about 1/2 way down the article) C'mon, Ghost! Wait, Wait, I Didn't Mean It! - Sheldon The ...

I would love to see a parody of these shows... oh, wait a minute. Here's a couple of clips from YT comedy group Fried Nothing Television friednothing

June 18, 2009

Oooooww... Face! Book!

I recently joined Facebook at the urging of a fellow special education teacher. I don't know-I just can't get that "into it" so far. It's a little overwhelming for me. Although I do enjoy the "chat" feature and "chatted" with Lisa from That is Why for a while the other day! There's just too much info for me. I log on, and check out stuff, but I can't take it all in. Maybe it will take some time getting used to. My little questions with Facebook aren't the same are these individuals though:

Geez this is stupid! I mean she's stupid. This is from a comedy troupe called Quiet Library QuietLibrary Boy oh boy! You need to check these people out on their Youtube channel if you haven't already! Internet sketch comedy is often dark, running the limits of taste (Derrickcomedy and Thewhitestkidsuknow for example) and "edgy," and these guys do have some clips that are very dark, but well played out, and ultimately funny as hell!

June 14, 2009

Are you with me on this?

I sometimes watch Chris Matthews' Hardball. As I have said before in other posts, I don't watch much TV. In watching this show, I find Matthews to be sometimes kind of irritating.

It's his manner of speaking, and his pronunciation of words that gets me.

I know I am being nit-picky, superficial and silly but this affects my ability to watch Hardball. His pronunciation of certain words or names like Cheney get to me. He pronounces the name "Cheeney." Yes, there's an interesting controversy about this particular pronunciation: Liz Cheney v. Lynne Cheney/Chris Matthews on Pronunciation . (So maybe he's actually correct here!)
But there are other little things he says that just add up to irritation-at least to me. He pronounced Holocaust several times the other day as "Hollycaust"; he pronouced zealot, which I would pronounce and I would assume most other people would pronounce as "zeh-lut"; as "zeh-lot"- accenting the first syllable, instead of balancing both. He reads news items incorrectly all the time. They're all jumbled up, mixed up. He starts reading a quote, then has to start over-all the time. He asks people for their viewpoints, then interrupts them while they are speaking to ask about something else.
Also, that weird, downward-turned mouth of his. What's with that?! Is it just me?!

I know-it's stupid.

I subscribe to The Frank Factor channel on Youtube.
TheFrankFactor He's like an uncensored, raging Billo, but on the complete opposite side of the political spectrum. I check him out when I need an antidote for the righty stuff I sometimes check out. If you check him out, keep in mind that he is raging! He uses a lot of cussing to get his point across!
He uses the term "fucktard" a lot! I can't help it but when I think of the term "fucktard," I think along these lines: