September 8, 2007

Getting back to the basics: Clips Comics and Comedians

With the campaigning for the 2008 Presidential election heating up, I predict that we will probably see more of the scripted, rehearsed infomercials for the Republican/Bush administration/stay in Iraq point of view described in the following clip. This incident, falsely billed as a casual, off the cuff conversation between Bush and the troops via video teleconference in October 2005, was beautifully and hilariously broken down by The Daily Show folks.

Here is a classic clip regarding male restroom etiquette tips. It is relevant at this time!

I always knew animals were better than humans, I just never had heard it put in quite this way!

Here is a great link to a funny strip called Big Fat Whale by Brian McFadden that I saw at Culture Kills... This strip expands the list of dangerous items imported from China a bit!

Another good strip I discovered at Culture Kills: You Damn Kid! by Owen Dunne

Remember the Gong Show? Who doesn't huh? Anyway I remember the show always had The Unknown Comic on and he was so bad he was good!

And lastly, I have been working in the backyard all this weekend and boy do we have a case of black widow-itis! Geez! They are all over the place! I usually don't kill them-I try and take them to a safer area away from everything else, like in a corner or something or in the field next to our house, but this time, there were too many. I had to kill a few of them! Thinking of all those widows gave me the idea for this comic. Hope you like it! I did a crappy job on it, I know!

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September 3, 2007

Discussions of war, peace, Miss Teen SC, and of course, cartoons!

With all the trouble in the world, its nice sometimes to have music that reaches deep within you so that you may have some solace, new ideas, new energy, and some peace of mind. That music may have some answers outlined-words like "revolution," "impeach," "stop the war," may be bandied about. Sometimes though, music doesn't have any of the answers to the questions in life that you seek. Like this little ditty from Hugh Laurie, called "All We Gotta Do." Man, this is deep!

Amid all the hubbub about Miss Teen South Carolina, we forget that there have been other examples of difficulty speaking during other pageants. This contestant from Hawaii stands out. Did I mention she's from Hawaii? - Miss Hawaii hasn't travelled far

Poor Miss Teen South Carolina. She's had a really hard time explaining herself! With all the commotion, no one has bothered to think about her parents. Here they are during the fateful question posed to their daughter.

Ha ha! Jimmy Kimmel had a great technical breakdown of what poor Caitlin said.

I love these cartoonists! This first cartoon is by a guy named John McPherson, whose type of one-panel style strip suggests Far Sidian comparisons, and I do believe he is probably influenced by Gary Larson's work. He does not tend to do as much animal kingdom themes as did Larson, it seems. His work can stand alone-its some funny stuff! He does some good stuff! Here's a funny one from a few days ago! (from the Arts and Living section-9-1-07)

I absolutely love Bizarro! (by Dan Piraro) This guy's sense of humor is so acute and and well...bizarre! My type of stuff! (from the Seattle Post Intelligencer-9-1-07)

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