January 19, 2008

Comedy you don't have to take off your sunglasses and apologize for!

Yeah. This is real *&^%! It's not a joke. If you can believe that! This kid is a piece-a work!

This guy-Arj Barker is pretty funny. Here are a couple of clips. For the record, the things he describes in both clips have never ever happened to me! (Beginning of the 1st clip is screwy)

I really need to do something about getting in shape. Walking, dieting, something. Not like I am morbidly obese, but, when I can't bend down as easily to tie my shoes, and I get out of breath when I take out the trash, I know that I am not in as good shape as I was 10-15 years ago! Jim Gaffigan, who has become one of my favorite comedians, (I love his "offended audience member" bit!) talks about eating and our health. Blogging isn't so good for our health. Sitting there addictively looking and listening to outrageously funny stuff isn't healthy. But it sure is funny!

Yes, Jim's funnier than hell! Speaking of hell, he talks about religion here. No vid, just audio.

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