July 14, 2007

Some comedians you might like, love, or hate. Its up to you.

I love David Cross. He's a great comedian (I think) and he gives a great, skewed view of the world. At times he is pretty controversial, (like in this clip-sorry to offend those who are bothered by jokes about religion!) I think that his jokes are smart, literate, and best of all funny! He's way funnier than another comedian whose literate delivery is kind of in the same vein-Dennis Miller! Miller thinks every word out of his mouth is so damn hilarious and of course, he loves to impress people with his witticism and vocabulary. I actually liked him on SNL but now, a lot of times his right-wingedness and pompousness (Google "pompous" and Dennis Miller and you get about 70,000 results!) gets in the way.
Here's David

David Letterman recently explored the Transformer Optimus Prime, and showed what a jerk off he was when he was a teen!

I never really liked the band Linkin Park. From the silly misspelled name thing so prevalent in youngster's music today to their formula. This dig at Linkin Park's style is humorously laid out in this parody clip.

Was trying to find another Andy Dick skit but found this Daphne Aguilera thing instead. Pretty funny.

Jim Breuer standup

Hope you like the comedy!

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July 11, 2007

You're once...twice...three times a geek...and I know...

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Hmmm...thought I would be more of a geek, but nope! How much of a geek are you?

July 9, 2007

I've branched out into other areas. (Namely, idiotic comics!)

Ha! Just saw the one of the funniest crime stories in the paper. I read that on Saturday morning, some dumb oak in New Hampshire tried to rob a bank-"disguised" as a tree! http://news.aol.com/story/_a/man-dressed-as-tree-robs-bank-cops-say/20070709111709990001

A tree! A tree! (have to say that a few times to let it all sink in!)

There was a security camera photo of the robber with leafy boughs and branches duct-taped around his chest and head area. A local police sergeant was quoted as saying that the robber "...really went out on a limb" (!)

Someone recognized the pinehead from the security photo and James Coldwell, 49, was arrested a short time later. Guess he robbed the wrong branch-get it!? The wrong...uhh oh well!

You can really have fun with this one! Wonder if after some time in jail, he might turn over a new leaf? I might just be barking up the wrong tree here. Ok. I'll stop, but here are some comics about Mr. Sprucehead!

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