March 3, 2010

RIP Jon Swift

Hard to believe this, but I just heard from Bluegal that Jon Swift-aka Al Weisel-died on February 27. His dear mom had posted a comment to let his fans know that he had passed. I had kept going back to his blog periodically to check and see if he would post something, anything-I loved his blog and back when I started, his was the first to check for new posts. The guy could write! He could make you laugh your ass off, and make a point at the same time.
He gave people like me, a chance to shine a little with his annual "Best Blog Posts of 20.." He was loved by both the left and right. He just seemed happy to contribute to any kind of social-political discussion of the day!

I sure hope his blog is kept online. I want to be able to go back once and while and laugh, and get some insight from reading some of the best blog posts ever written.

I know I will miss you, "Jon."

February 3, 2010

From Behind?! And It Sometimes Comes From Your Behind!

This is an old one but after viewing this video again, I took a look at some of the comments. Quite a few of these are pretty damn funny and witty. Watch the video and then look at the comments for the full effect. Yep-there are the usual stupid, racist and unintelligible Youtube comments, but there are some real come from behind winners! Take you pick.

My Comcast homepage has some dumb ass advertising from different mortgage companies-you know, those stupid people who dance when the cursor is placed on the photo, the lady who looks like she's screaming, etc. The latest one I have seen though, is f'n hilarious. What the hell is wrong with this guy?! It looks like he has just sensed that he is going to have a horrible case of diarrhea, not viewed his latest mortgage payment! Click to see his pained expression!

November 16, 2009

This post might give you a heart attack.

Ok. Remember the "Tourettes Guy?" Remember him? Offensive in name as in words, but I admit, damn funny!

This guy might be his successor! This heavy,heavy guy is funny as hell! Heavy, man! His humor carries a lot of weight. His humor is phat...I mean fat. He ain't heavy, he's my brother. Sorry, got carried away there!

September 30, 2009

Values-they're great! (for some people!)

I thought this was hilarious. Mike Stark-progressive blogger, Youtuber- mrcawguy activist and intrepid hounder of the right-went to the Value Voters Summit, and rightfully chided the attendees about why certain righties with shady values were invited to speak or were even allowed to show their face-given their history. If you haven't heard about the VVS 2009 Value Voters Summit this is a collection of politicians, pundits, and cheerleaders that are the furthest to the far right you can get. In this video, Stark takes a cue from the Fox "ambush" guys and gives these guys a taste of their own medicine. I found the slow-moving, "Eyore"-turtle-looking guy to be the funniest. (what is the deal with that guy!?) Maybe he is ashamed to be appearing at this collection of nutcases, I don't know.

This is indicative of these people on the far right-when they have a sticky hypocritical stance, don't discuss it or try to 'splain yourself-just avoid the issue altogether.

September 26, 2009

When Comments Attack....They're Hilarious!

This is quite possibly the funniest, silliest, and most ridiculous anonymous (I've only gotten 3 maybe-since I started) comment I have ever received here! It is amazing in it's simplicity and stupidity at the same time. Whoever you are that penned this great prose in honor of your hero, Thanks! I was trying to find stuff to post, and I think your comment will do for a bit. It's incredible-Thanks again.
The post that spurred "anonymous" to submit their eloquence upon thee. Or thy.
Oh look. It's a ghost. Yawn.

Anonymous said...

you are the idiot ghost are real i hope you get a close look at one some day and shit your pants and second zak is the hotest guy out there your just a wee bit jealouse that he has all the girls talking and we dont even know who the hell you are!

September 19, 2009

These guys are lovers, not fighters

Came across another great Youtube channel where this guy makes remixes of current events in America. These first two clips are from that channel. Really great interesting stuff, with a few of the clips including some wry social commentary.
Funny dubbed up clip of Maher/West conflict:

The real moral: Don't condemn people for doing the same fucking things you are doing yourself.

This is just sad. Dating in the 1980's.