November 28, 2007

Bad taste in music can be a funny thing

I have been coming across several blog-mate's posts about (bad) music Color Me Horrified... or featuring (good) music videos, and it made me think about a website I found several years ago called You Have Bad Taste In Music. This guy with the pseudonym Eman Laerton (ha ha-funny) actually went to concert venues and berated people about their choice of attending concerts by such acts as: Justin Timberlake, Ruben Studdard, Nickelback, Hoobastank, and Linkin Park, wearing a crude disguise of raincoat or trench coat,(?) shorts, a funny-looking military type helmet circa WWI, a crate to stand atop, and armed with a megaphone. Occasionally, some of the people (especially at the Train concert hall-who would think the fans of Train would be rowdy, combative drunks? Maybe they were just really embarrassed to be seen outside a Train concert!) get mad and threaten him. Most of the people waiting to go into these concerts laugh and get a kick out of his statements that the PABT (People Against Bad Taste) have deemed them to be suffering from chronic bad taste in music. He's funny, and maybe to those people attending those concerts an eye-opener to that bad taste in music that they have subscribed to with their ticket purchases. He has not posted any new videos lately. I think that's a shame. There is still quite a lot of bad taste in music out there! Give us some more Scientific Proof findings!

On his website, there are Quick Time clips available, but I am posting some clips that I found on YouTube by "Eman Laerton."

John Mayer Concert:

Linkin Park

Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera


The infamous Train clip


Story of The Year


Nickelback/Puddle of Mudd

November 26, 2007

And now for something totally different...

*I went back and checked links/clips and found some were not working. I fixed most of the bad links, but had to delete a few clips that weren't available anymore or changed the clip's subject. Sorry if you had been having problems with those earlier. All should be working ok for now!

No clips or strips today. Just a comedian, who has been known to do some stand up (hmmm, gotta check that out for this blog) but mostly a humor writer. Probably some clips of Leon's exploits will be forthcoming.

I wrote in an earlier post that I had read a book called Republican Like Me by Harmon Leon. The book, a screw-ball take on the the John Howard Griffin book, Black Like Me, was an expose of Leon's infiltration of various right wing groups-like John Birch Society, abortion protesters, Evangelical Christians and even white supremacists. That's what Leon does I guess, various groups and then write about them and the interactions he has with them. I thought Republican Like Me was very funny. Looking at the reviews on both the Barnes and Noble site and Amazon, it interesting to see that there are some who really, really hate this book. They often give it one star. Some claim to be liberal. I doubt it. If you call yourself a liberal or a progressive or you just believe in the tenets, doctrines and principles that happen to be "progressive" "liberal," then you will love this book. (I think!)
I found an article from Leon about his infiltration of the right-wing counter-protest group The Protest Warriors ("fighting the left...doing it right") on the Cracked site. (like The Onion, Cracked has seemed to have successfully made the modifications to continue to be humorous as hell in the online version of the magazine.) I had a huge stack of Cracked and Mad magazines when I was teen!
I have often wondered what would happen if someone could infiltrate a group like the Protest Warriors. I think this might explain what would happen. Here is the link to the Harmon Leon article. Hope you enjoy it.

Catch you later,

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