June 23, 2007

Saturday Night Live bright spots/assorted mish-mash

Happy Saturday! Hope you all have had a great start to the weekend!
For this week's posts, I would like to focus on Saturday Night Live. I just came across a fairly recent clip from the show, the "Penelope" skit, and thought it was pretty funny.(I am posting a link to both of the Penelope clips below)
I, like many other people have lost interest in SNL over the years. I don't stay up to watch it anymore, even with a few bright spots like Will Ferrell and some of the female comics like Kristin Whig (who does the Penelope skits) Maya Rudolph, and Amy Poehler, that have seemed to invigorate the show in recent years. I remember as a teenager staying up late to watch the show and seeing Eddie Murphy, John Belushi, Gilda Radner, Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd, and John Belushi, etc. make me laugh my head off! I think part of the problem with the show in the later years, was that they would draw out some of these skits each week so that they were not funny after the 10th time. I hope they don't do more "Penelope" skits. That sketch isn't thick enough to draw out much more than 2 -3 times.

"Penelope" (*I updated this link-The others were taken down-I guess NBC is cracking down because of the copyright issues, so laugh while you can at this remaining "copy"

I thought Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler were hilarious in this satire about America's Next Top Model show!

David Blaine Street Magic parody Part 2:

I have always loved Robert Smigel's TV Funhouse animations: Here is one that parodies the Dora cartoons! (the humor is lost if you haven't sat down with your little ones when they are watching Dora)
*(There might be an advertisement first)

Speaking of Robert Smigel, i have been wanting to post some Triumph clips! Next time i post i will have some!

Here is the Riverdance Rap:

Man, its hard to believe that people were pitching cigarettes as healthy back in the day!

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June 18, 2007

Happy Belated Father's Day! Magical comedy and some real standup guys

Hi everyone! Happy belated Father's Day! Hope all you fathers out there had a great day! It was a pretty good day-went out to eat and and then spent some time with my family. It was bittersweet because i lost my father almost exactly 2 years ago. He was a great person who taught me a whole lot and one of those things was to have a good sense of humor. If you can't laugh at least a little in this life, then you will be very unhappy. Here's some things to hopefully help you laugh a little.
I came across this clip a little while back and i think to get the full effect of the humor in this, you had to have seen a (real) David Blaine clip. Check a "real" David Blaine clip out on You Tube and then check this one out!

I'll post Part 2 of this David Blane stuff next time! I've always liked this next comedian! Brian Regan is one of my favorite comedians! His head-bobbing delivery, complete with patented silly voices, and his great everyday life observations are some of the best comedy around!

This next and last clip has been around for a while in various incarnations. Pablo Francisco can be very funny! His sound effects alone are incredible! He has a large repertoire of voices that he uses to great comedic effect. Sorry for the subtitles in this clip if they are a little disconcerting, but this clip's overall quality is good and it seems that he has refined this bit about the movie preview guy well compared to older clips i have seen him doing this material in.

Here is another comic strip, kinda going along with the other one i made about the poetry slam idea. Guess I'm stuck on poems right now!

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