December 12, 2008

Hair-lots of it

Just wanted to post a link to blog buddy OM's great site-All The BS -All the BS. He had a great link to a site that was meant to give thanks to Bush for his 8 long year of service to our country, but, it...uhhmm didn't quite work out like that:
*UPDATE: I guess the site's owners have been taking off "offensive" comments, and have made it harder to sign up anonymously. It's a pain to tell Bush what you think of him here. But at least he has a screen shot of the items people left from before!

December 10, 2008

Scat! Scat I say! You heard me! Scat!!

This little story isn't related to poop, or farts, but what the hey! Before we purchased our present home, we spent a good amount of time looking at homes with realtors and checking out different homes-new and old. We were looking around here to find a house in the vicinity where we grew up. Problem is the North Valley area of ABQ has become the most expensive area in the city! We looked and looked and finally saw a very nice house being built in a new development a few miles North of where we live now. It was a 4 bedroom home with all the SW design styles we love in a home. We made arrangements with a realtor who represented the builder to formerly check the house out one Saturday.

So my wife and I go over there, and we're looking at the house and we're really "digging" it! It's a little high for us around 250K, but it was sooo nice! Anyway, we're talking about the security of the home: It would have an alarm installed. There was going to be a high wall built around this whole development, and best of all, this new community would be a gated neighborhood. No one could come into this neighborhood that wasn't a homeowner or didn't have the correct code! That made us feel safe!

We were looking out a window at the front yard and surrounding homes, and just then, realtor was extolling the benefits of how safe the neighborhood would be and that gate (ok-it wasn't fully functioning at the time, but don't ruin this for me ok?!) and how it would keep unwanted elements out of the neighborhood, when we heard a loud screeching and squealing of tires. There was a "turnaround" kind of traffic slow down thing in the center of the community- and some guy in a blue '80's Plymouth Relient Station Wagon

was driving as fast as he could, round and round that circle thing. He was an older, balding heavy guy with glasses (this is imprinted in my mind!) Now that I think of it he kind of looked like that one Al Qaeda guy, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

with glasses! He was leaning his head out of the window as he drove squealing the tires, yelling, and laughing crazily! He did this about 6 times, and then left! The realtor was like-"Oh dear!" "What's he doing?!" "Should we call the police!?" She was probably also thinking-"I just lost a damn sale 'cause of this bozo!" Of course, a fully functioning security gate would have stopped this guy, but we ended up getting a new home a little cheaper.

My wife and I still laugh about this ! We never forget the timing, and irony of this event!

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