December 27, 2007

Tooot! Tooot!

Anybody that knows me knows that I am not one to "toot my own horn" (maybe another kind of tooting, though!) but I am really excited to tell you that I am just one of many bloggers whose posts are featured on one of my favorite blogger's blogs-Jon Swift in his roundup of the people on his blogroll's best blog posts of 2007-chosen by the bloggers themselves. I absolutely love Jon Swift! Funny, funny stuff-(you gotta check out his archive of his greatest posts- Best of Jon Swift !!)
Another reason to check out today's Jon Swift post is that there are so many interesting posts from a wide variety of bloggers, I don't know how I will ever get through them all-but the post headings (and what I have read so far) really look like some great stuff!

Hope you all get a chance to check it out! Happy New Year!

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December 23, 2007

Ahhh, memories!

It looks like this might be my last post of 2007. Maybe. For the next week, we will be pretty busy with family and get togethers, and all that holiday stuff. Who knows. If I get something really good I will post it, but I don't know. In advance, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to you all!

Been wanting to post some of these old guidance films that are found on the Internet I love this site! It is known for being a little slow, (tonight it was moving a little better than it had been so maybe they got a better server) but hey its a non-profit so give it a break! Its so interesting to see all the photos, clips, and documents of American history. Wikipedia gives a great synopsis of all that this interesting site has to offer. I usually head to the "Moving Images" link and check out the Prelinger Archives or the Ephemeral Films link, then AV Geeks. I love to see how norms were presented of American life, (even when I don't think many people living life in the 1940's, 1950's and 1960's followed some of these extreme prudish, militaristic, ultra-strict, and homophobic morality codes). Is it my imagination, or did the same guy with the "smokers throat" narrate all those 40's and 50's social guidance films?!
I can laugh watching these films without a narrator mocking them, but with the treatment these types of films get from MST3K, it makes them that much more funnier! It's too bad the show isn't on anymore, and their website's not too great-no clips of them mocking old dumb movies! Instead, go to YouTube to find MST3K clips.

As a former classroom teacher, (I am still a teacher-just now as an itinerant one) I find the films about education very interesting, and above all, hilarious because of the extreme beliefs about children's conduct for the times. Like this one. We can talk all day about how now kids are out of control in our public schools, but I think this film supposes an unattainable example of classroom environment!
(I had trouble embedding from IA, so I got these at YouTube.)

Crazy film about the "dangers" of gay men.

I remember a great sketch comedy show in the vein of SNL called Fridays on ABC that ran in the 1980's. As a teenager watching it, I thought it was great because it was the "bad boy" of TV sketch comedy compared to what was then the "old man" of SNL. It was edgy, and had some pretty pointed social commentary for a show that ran on ABC. It also had some great musical guests like the Pretenders, The Boomtown Rats and The Plasmatics.
Here are some of my favorite clips from the show. (although I think there are some others that were good that I could not find)
*YT took off the Ronnie Horror Picture Show clips-here are some other ones:

Here are a couple of comics for the remaining days of 2007.

December 12, 2007

Yeah-I got your post right here, buddy.

This is a real shitty post. The clip, not the post itself. (although judging by the lack of traffic around here, I am starting to have some doubts)

Just put out the Christmas lights last weekend. Speaking of Christmas lights-here's Jim Gaffigan.

Some comics:

Found this comedy troupe called are pretty good. Found some clips on Youtube. They kind of remind me of The Whitest Kids U Know comedy troupe who I featured a long time ago. With both these groups, its hit and miss, but when its "hit," its pretty funny. With the Derrick people, there's a lot of foul language and "adult situations" so, just to let you know.

I thought this historical expose on an old Jazz figure was kinda humorous.

This is sick, but funny in a twisted way. Kinda.

Check out the redhead who is an expert at something on Derrick Comedy.

see you next time,


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December 2, 2007

More on music

So I finally got rid of the old ('97) Sentra I had and got a slightly used Hyundai Sonata. Its nice! I like it! Nice features and the power on this thing is amazing! Not that my old Nissan was a piece of trash-it still ran well, considering that I had never really done anything maintenance-wise except to change the oil!

Anyway these Sonatas come with XM Satellite radio standard. I love this feature! I love the variety of music that Satellite offers. There's rock, pop, soul, rap, '40s, 50's, 60's 70' 80's, and 90's music...everything! Well, there's this "sub channel" (XMLM-"XM-Liquid Metal") on the rock category that features extreme heavy metal. Like, what is called "black metal" or "death metal." I'm talking really heavy, heavy, metal so that you can't pick it up metal. Now, I like heavy metal like the Scorpions, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, etc, stuff that I loved in my teens and early twenties, but this stuff is the heaviest of all heavy metal. Like really heavy! By chance, in switching channels one day, I caught this station playing some of this stuff and I really had to listen, but I think I caught some of the lyrics of a few songs. As a service to you, Dear Reader, I am transcribing two songs that I heard today. You don't have to thank me.

Here is the player for the lovely little ditty called "Hammer Smashed Face" by Cannibal Corpse.

Here are the lyrics for "Hammer-Smashed Face"-These lyrics are accurate. Pretty sure. I may be wrong, but I don't think so!

Cannibal Corpse- Hammer-Smashed Face:

"Cookie…it good… eat…
Eat…eat, public ohhh
Good… me for good
Oohhh…me love some more
Me love some more cookie…
Two for the fantasy…
Word to “Effie”…
(guitar break)
Ooooh, me go make in toilet…
Make big poo poo in toilet
Make poo poo make big poo poo in toilet
Short guitar break/tempo change:
Ooohh its big…
Really fuckin big…
Really fuckin big
Fuckin big
Fuckin big
Tempo change:
Something in my poop
something in my poop
Slow tempo again
Pussssy, pissss youuuu!
Back to Refrain/chorus:
Eat a big dong, “W”
Eat a big one on the service silver
Eat a big one
on me, on me
Slow tempo:
So far, it get me dowdy
Don’t you, want me?
Fast Tempo:
Do you wanna fix it?
Do you, do you think?
‘Cause its you who broke it
You a pencil!
Hey you’re cuuute!
Just wanna be with you!
What is this thingy?
Never seem to miss you!
Just go on with that dude!
Hans Solo rampart,
Tea for two- bonjour!
Hezbollah, will avoid!"

Here is the player for Amon Amarth's "Victorious March" another lovely ballad.

Here are the lyrics-again accurate as can be...
Amon Amarth -Victorious March:

"Dolomepei was the Prince of Clowns!
Wear an enema, or rock the prius night!
Don’t wanna rub on the business balls!
Aww, the enema, died just on the business balls!
They’re against the salt!
Whats this!? Behind me?
Its live! No mercy was shown!
No mercy- awwww! Was showwwwn!
Got another pie- I’m gonna let go!
The god of said horses to the ground!
No sons of weakness no sons of weariness!
No ary-mongers are involved in their eyes!
Let’s do the “Newfoundland” then we will be “Church”!
By knowledge, let’s love cyclones dry!
You’re headed for…a certain book!
Which is nass-stay!
The serpent will disown!
Will my baby, uhh, miss me?
Blah blah blah"
(indecipherable-actually, I couldn’t take it anymore!)

Hey I did my best! Decoding Death Metal lyrics is really, really difficult!

Speaking of Death Metal...Pablo Francisco who I think is a pretty good comedian, does a good little bit about it here: (first seconds of video are messed up for some reason)

And...speaking of Cannibal Corpse, the Australian comedy troupe The Chaser did a funny take on CC's music if it would be done as lounge music! Funny stuff!

This is kinda funny-oh the irony!

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November 28, 2007

Bad taste in music can be a funny thing

I have been coming across several blog-mate's posts about (bad) music Color Me Horrified... or featuring (good) music videos, and it made me think about a website I found several years ago called You Have Bad Taste In Music. This guy with the pseudonym Eman Laerton (ha ha-funny) actually went to concert venues and berated people about their choice of attending concerts by such acts as: Justin Timberlake, Ruben Studdard, Nickelback, Hoobastank, and Linkin Park, wearing a crude disguise of raincoat or trench coat,(?) shorts, a funny-looking military type helmet circa WWI, a crate to stand atop, and armed with a megaphone. Occasionally, some of the people (especially at the Train concert hall-who would think the fans of Train would be rowdy, combative drunks? Maybe they were just really embarrassed to be seen outside a Train concert!) get mad and threaten him. Most of the people waiting to go into these concerts laugh and get a kick out of his statements that the PABT (People Against Bad Taste) have deemed them to be suffering from chronic bad taste in music. He's funny, and maybe to those people attending those concerts an eye-opener to that bad taste in music that they have subscribed to with their ticket purchases. He has not posted any new videos lately. I think that's a shame. There is still quite a lot of bad taste in music out there! Give us some more Scientific Proof findings!

On his website, there are Quick Time clips available, but I am posting some clips that I found on YouTube by "Eman Laerton."

John Mayer Concert:

Linkin Park

Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera


The infamous Train clip


Story of The Year


Nickelback/Puddle of Mudd

November 26, 2007

And now for something totally different...

*I went back and checked links/clips and found some were not working. I fixed most of the bad links, but had to delete a few clips that weren't available anymore or changed the clip's subject. Sorry if you had been having problems with those earlier. All should be working ok for now!

No clips or strips today. Just a comedian, who has been known to do some stand up (hmmm, gotta check that out for this blog) but mostly a humor writer. Probably some clips of Leon's exploits will be forthcoming.

I wrote in an earlier post that I had read a book called Republican Like Me by Harmon Leon. The book, a screw-ball take on the the John Howard Griffin book, Black Like Me, was an expose of Leon's infiltration of various right wing groups-like John Birch Society, abortion protesters, Evangelical Christians and even white supremacists. That's what Leon does I guess, various groups and then write about them and the interactions he has with them. I thought Republican Like Me was very funny. Looking at the reviews on both the Barnes and Noble site and Amazon, it interesting to see that there are some who really, really hate this book. They often give it one star. Some claim to be liberal. I doubt it. If you call yourself a liberal or a progressive or you just believe in the tenets, doctrines and principles that happen to be "progressive" "liberal," then you will love this book. (I think!)
I found an article from Leon about his infiltration of the right-wing counter-protest group The Protest Warriors ("fighting the left...doing it right") on the Cracked site. (like The Onion, Cracked has seemed to have successfully made the modifications to continue to be humorous as hell in the online version of the magazine.) I had a huge stack of Cracked and Mad magazines when I was teen!
I have often wondered what would happen if someone could infiltrate a group like the Protest Warriors. I think this might explain what would happen. Here is the link to the Harmon Leon article. Hope you enjoy it.

Catch you later,

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November 24, 2007

Comedians, clips and comics-what its all about.

This first comedian is Doug Stanhope. I had not heard of the guy, but saw a comparison of him to Bill Hicks, so I was very intrigued. I love Bill Hicks, he was/is a great comedian, so any comparison to him is something I take seriously! Uhmmm... I don't know. He's (Doug Stanhope) ok-these clips are ok, but the comparison is...well there is no comparison. There's no one like Bill Hicks!

I'm stealing the next two clips from blog buddy Tattooed and Atheist Aye! small thoughts....They are of British comedian Eddie Izzard-talking about religion in England and in general.

This is wild. I had not heard of the Flying Spaghetti Monster phenomenon going around the Internet, but I like it. This song is actually kind of cool musically! Combined with the "animation" its pretty humorous!

Here's a few comic strips. One of my favorites, Perry Bible Fellowship, by Nicholas Gurewitch is consistently, strangely, good.

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November 20, 2007

Clips Galore

Hope everyone had a nice, safe Thanksgiving!
I used to always watch Star Trek with some friends and we would alternate between "hey, that's pretty cool", to doing MST3K-type commentary. We woulda had fun with this episode like the authors of this clip did! This is a great clip of when Spock decided to drop out, turn on, and tune in...or whatever. Groovy man!

I had posted a old clip of The Amazing Jonathan earlier, before he had really become more well-known. This clip is still a little old but he had gotten his somewhat dark, sight gag-laden comedy act down by the time he appeared here for the World's Greatest Magic II. Here are parts 1and 2.

As I may have mentioned before, I don't watch too much TV. I just caught The Office lately. (I know, I know-that is really behind the times!) This show is great! I see what everyone is talking about! I thought I would post this clip which catches some of the best pranks on Dwight.

I am trying to find some fresh comedian clips for posting, maybe tomorrow, if I find some decent ones.
See you!

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November 16, 2007

Childish chunks of churches, Cheney, and choppy channel chortles.

As you might have noticed, I have been running on empty lately for posting stuff. I am trying to get back into the swing of things, but work has been extremely busy and stressful lately too, so that hasn't helped. Oh well, here goes with a few things...

Our Vice Prez is such a guy. Here he is in his classic look.

I know...I know! The above post makes me want to chuck up chunks! Maybe these will give you a laugh or two!

This is a kinda shocking clip.

November 2, 2007

Skink and Shred

I have always liked Chris Elliot. He's a funny guy with a great sense of humor! This is a good parody of Dog TBH. Here's a few clips from the David Letterman show.

*Update-St Sanders-(Santeri Ojala) the author (whom I unfortunately forgot to name in the original posting) of these really funny guitarist clips, has had to pull these great clips from YouTube due to the original guitarists citing copyright infringement. Copyright infringement!? For pete's sake people, get a f'n life! These clips are parodies. They did not have original songs or music. Awful. Well, at least they are available at this Wired link Banned From YouTube: Parody Guitar Videos . (I'm leaving the old useless video posts as a testament to the idiocy of taking these funny clips down!)
Some more great guitarists whose playing has recently gone awry! Santana's guitar playing has really deteriorated since he played with Rob Thomas!

In this rare video of Ozzy when he had Jake E. Lee, its surprising to see just how bad Jake was in concert! Heck, even Ozzy's clapping is off!

October 27, 2007

Strips and clips just for you!

Now...just in time for Halloween. Its a sick tale of character assassination and suspense that follows the horror recipe to the letter!

I don't know...maybe I'm just reading too much into this, and you may or may not laugh; I know enough to tell you the laugh clause isn't binding.

I like bacon! Like those dog food commercials that came out a while back, Jim Gaffigan likes his Hot Pockets!

Do you have a heart on? This is one of those news anchor slip-ups that's just perfect! Boy, I bet she got teased about this boner! Sorry! - Watch more free videos

I don't know, this is more sad than funny. It's nuts! Nuts! Crazy! Our crazy gun culture at its worst. "Uhmm, hun, I can't sleep. I'm gonna go and get some milk and maybe that'll hel-BLAM! Jeez! I just shot my foot off!"

October 21, 2007

Spiders on drugs, dropped calls, and the sweet, sweet sound of music!

I really like spiders. If I find one in the house, I always get my junky ass "spider cup" from the garage and take it out. Not to dinner-outside! My wife doesn't like it, but now she will call me from the other room to get the spider out! Even black widows are safe from the waffle-like stomp of my shoes. I will take those out too, but most of the time I find them outside in a bad place-where our 7 year-old can possible make contact with her. I will get a cup and move it to a safe spot-in the neighbor's yard...neighbor's the other neighbor's swimming pool...just kidding. I move it to a far away spot or to the field next to our house. I would rather have more spiders-including black widows than a bunch of flies, mosquitoes, and grasshoppers wouldn't you?

I would like to see some spiders like these. It would be very interesting to see these particular spiders. ", myaaan. I have like, 16 legs now!"

Here is a couple more great commercials. I am not much of a TV watcher. There are a few shows that I like, but not many. I do like some of the the new funny commercials, though.
The recent Cingular "dropped call" commercials are pretty funny.

Here are three-two "real" Cingular ads, and two other parodies of these ads.
The "butcher" ad:

The "Jimbo" ad: (Its kinda poor quality)

Here is one of the funnier Cingular parodies-(there's a lot out there!)

"Wrapped up like a Douche" parody:

*Update-St Sanders-(Santeri Ojala) the author (whom I unfortunately forgot to name in the original posting) of these really funny guitarist clips, has had to pull these great clips from YouTube due to the original guitarists citing copyright infringement. Copyright infringement!? For pete's sake people, get a f'n life! These clips are parodies. They did not have original songs or music. Awful. Well, at least they are available at this Wired link Banned From YouTube: Parody Guitar Videos . (I'm leaving the old useless video posts as a testament to the idiocy of taking these funny clips down!)
I really love rock and roll. All kinds. Heavy rock especially, but I will listen to blues, soul, funk rap, pop, "indie"- whatever. I absolutely love guitar-based rock and roll though. I play some myself and pull out the old Gibson Les Paul, overdrive box and Fender amp and make some noise when I have the time. Some of the greatest rock guitarist's Cd's and mp3's are found in my collection and computer. I love Eddie Van Halen, Jimmy Page, Slash, Santana, etc, etc.
That's why its so distressing to see how musically out of shape some of these players have become lately. I think I could easily outplay these guys in their present state!

Don't believe me? Just check out this recent clip of Eddie VH jamming at a concert:

And what the hell happened to Eric Clapton?!

October 14, 2007

This is some crazy *&^%$#@, you know!?

Here's some more humorous videos for your giggling pleasure! This first one is an oldy but a goody! An old (1966?) pro wrestling "challenge" clip-(gee, things haven't changed too much in the pro wrestling world!) where The Crusher speaks his mind about his challenger-Bruno Sammartino . In detail. With specificity. All that information given in a voice that makes my throat hurt.

Here is a clip from that crazy as hell Pastor Fred Phelps. You know, does anyone other than his inbred mutant family actually listen to his incoherent ramblings? If there are people other than family that look up to the teachings of Pastor Fred at the Westboro Baptist Church, (look at this crap if you dare! and let them sing out in a chorale of sick twisted demented arias. I don't believe there are. (we are in trouble if there are people who look to this "church" for their teachings!)
Here he is rambling, and I do mean rambling about Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert-the godless sodomites!

This next clip really got me for a little while. I thought, just maybe, its real! Then I did a little research and found it to be a great parody of the mentality of the Christian Right's view of gay people. The production, video and delivery is what you would think a Christian singer might have for a song like this, so it makes it funnier!

At first, with the next video clip, you may wonder what is this all about? Well, its about evidence. Check out what the police officer is carrying out in that box. Its not drugs! (looks like he tried to get by the TV news cameras quickly, but failed!)

Here's a couple of strips for the Fun With Idioms theme: Idiot Idioms!

October 12, 2007

Shoots! Ladders! ...and the N-word!

Hey people! Hope you all are ready for the weekend. I sure am! I just started a new job as an itinerant special education teacher, and I am really busy! Its a different busy from my previous job as a special education classroom teacher. Of course I get to travel to different schools and meet all kinds of people, but I have a lot more schedules to meet and a lot more meetings!

Time for some videos! The first clips are not at all controversial, but the ones by the Onion and Dave Chappelle are both dealing with the same, really controversial topic.

What is it with all those Home Shopping Network-type things with ladder mishaps!? I found at least two ladders featured on these shows that seem to be made of highly questionable, safety standards or shaky material!

I have almost every anthology of the Onion there is. (Speaking of which I need to go check out the latest!) I really love that type of snarky, ironic humor! The way that the writers use the idiosyncrasies of newspaper to score humorous bulls eyes almost every time is perfect! When I started to see the video edition of the Onion, I was a little unsure about how their type of humor would translate. It works! I love the Onion News Network!
This next clip from the Onion News Network is about the nastiest, crudest, and vulgar clip I have ever posted, but dammit, its funnier than hell! Don't say I didn't warn you! If you don't like or can't take bad language, sexual content, and nudity, this one's not for you!
glumbert - Use Of 'N-Word' May End Porn Star's Career

Now, this next one is one I really debated posting too. This one also involves the "N-word." But not really that "N-word!" I would not ever use that word. I don't like it, I don't even like hearing black people use it. This Dave Chappelle clip though is hilarious-you're laughing even while you're feeling guilty for laughing so hard! Dave Chappelle is a master at turning racism on its ugly head, showing the irony and hypocrisy and stupidity of racism while making us laugh our asses off! He is much better at dealing with racism issues than Carlos Mencia is. For some reason, Mencia sounds like he really means it when he does a racist joke. Chappelle, although blunt, makes it sound less ham-handed and or course more funny than Mencia. At least I think so!
I had posted a clip of his from his show about the black KKK guy (which heDave talks about in the intro to the next clip and this one is in the same vein. Kinda. If you are offended by the use of that word, then don't watch this. Its pretty damn funny, and its a Dave Chappelle clip!

Ha! Talk about truth in advertising!

Coupla comics-Big Fat Whale-by Brian Mcfadden I had posted a strip a while back-getting-back-to-basics-clips-comics-and.html I discovered it from Matthew Caverhill's blog Culture Kills

I really like Slowpoke from Jen Sorensen-here's a couple of 'em. The latest and one from her archives.

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October 8, 2007

Been Caught Stealing

*I'm stealing a couple of clips I saw on Because I Was Bored, one of my blogmates. He has some pretty funny clips-check them out!

I hate telemarketers. I love to answer and give false names like, "Hello, this is Mark Gisselpoip" John T. Crissmuelahoff, or I even make up a language! Sometimes I do something like "Hello! Domino's Pizza, can I help you?" Most of the time, I/we don't answer if we see the telltale caller id, but sometimes, (especially when they've really been calling a lot and some can be more persistent) I get in the mood to give them a hard time. With my luck I will probably mess with someone who is trying to give away some money! Nah! Probably not!
This audio clip is a royal telemarketer payback! This comedian, Tom Mabe really does a number on this poor guy! I kinda felt sorry for the guy by the end of the clip!

Here is a clip about another poor guy who wants to do himself in, but he is very unsuccessful!

I made a reference to Kanye West a while back but now, after seeing this clip from his appearance on SNL, I'm gonna give him a little more slack. At least he can make fun of himself. Does a pretty good job too!

Geez! I better stop here! There's too much stuff to steal! This is perfect! I love this! Newsroom film gaffes and miscues have always been a good source of humor, but this one is pure gold!

October 2, 2007

The Origin of Specious....Humor

I was tagged by blog buddy American Scot to discuss the evolution of my blog. I thought his description of the process of his blog Aye! was interesting. Some of the ideas and feelings he has felt in writing his great blog are similar to mine. Actually, I looked back at some of the posts he had done before I had discovered his blog and couldn't stop reading! I am copying the format of how he described the development of his fine blog:

I don't think my reason to begin blogging is as deep or as serious (especially at the beginning for me) as my blog-mates. I just thought I could try blogging-I love to mess around on the computer, so I thought... and I thought... about what type of blog I would have. I thought of politics or social issues and music, but then humor-especially humor that was sometimes overlooked by the "mainstream" sites/blogs.

After I had decided upon humor, I wanted to go with video clips and comics, so I finally decided on having comedians comics and humorous clips. The name C3 just kind of fit description of the content I wanted to do. There was a problem though. I had qualms about having a name associated with explosives! I ended up going with it, but sometimes I wonder what people think when they see the name "C3 Fun" for the first time! Oh well. At times the humor can be explosive around here, I guess. (I hope!)

*My first post I wanted to put a strip by one of my favorite cartoonists, Dan Piraro's Bizarro. I was a little hesitant about this, since this was going to be my first ever blog and I didn't know all the things about copyrights etc. I sent an email to Dan and he sent a message back right away-I could copy his strips and use stuff off the Bizarro website as long as I let him know I was going to use stuff, and didn't try to make money off the strips. He was very cool about it! Nicolas Gurewitch of Perry Bible Fellowship fame was also very nice about me wanting to use his comics. Matthew Caverhill of Culture Kills really helped me out when I was first starting out! He answered questions that I had, and boy did I have a lot, since I had never done this before.

1. My first post(s) was a Bizarro strip, a Whitest Kids U Know skit and a video of some nut in North Carolina! I got nervous and posted a second batch of clips: George Lopez, Jim Carrey, and impressionist Rob Magnotti. I was trying to do just what I had planned to do: have unique clips of comedians and comedy, and comics. Man was I nervous, though!

2. I wanted to be different from the numerous humor sites found on the Internet. I didn't want to have crap like guys skateboarding over steps and falling down and breaking their legs. Or people drunk and having burping contests. I didn't want to have those prank videos that are found a lot on the 'net either. (even though some of those are kinda funny, the goal was trying to be unique)

3. I started trying my hand at doing comics. and this one were my first strips. Luckily for me, there are sites which let you make your own comics without being an actual artist. Sites like Witty Comics Stripcreator and StripGenerator have all been instrumental in allowing me to create (hopefully funny!) strips without any musical talent. My tools I guess are pretty "primitive"-I do a screen capture of the strip, and then copy it into Paint(!) then use Picasa to edit it and then save it to my desktop for me to grab! Sometimes its a pain in the ass to do! I sometimes wish I had better tools, but I don't do too many of my own strips anyway. It is hard to come up with ideas for the strips and that is why you will see that sometimes I have two or three, one, or none! It depends on what I come up with in my rotten head, or what is the topic of current social dilemmas!

4. I had always meant for this blog to be politics-neutral, but that went out the window when I began to click links and see other blogs that do have politics and social conditions discussed or brought up often. Blogs like Aye and Some Guy's Blog , Monkey Muck, and Jon Swift have all taught me that it is ok to say what you feel, and if you can say and be funny, then that is all the better! My most overtly socio-political post was probably where I named 5 people I have a seriously hard time liking I want to do something like that again-there are a few more people like that I just have to name to get it off my chest! Seeing the aforementioned blogs really has energized me to speak my mind!

5. Lately I have been having a difficult time finding the time to find good, unique material that hasn't been posted (or in not so many places) somewhere else. Thanks goodness there is YouTube to embed clips! I would hate to have to link to some sites that have those uhh...err.. ads...on the side! (funny story: I once sent my father in-law a link to a clip I had thought was funny-I didn't notice that there were ads for porn or porn-like sites on the side, until it was mentioned to me later-boy was that embarrassing!) Its hard to find good comedians' clips that people will like, that aren't the "popular" comedians. I think some of it may be that YouTube is afraid of featuring artists' clips for fear of lawsuits. And fan videos of comedians' concerts are sometimes of poor quality.
It has been hard to think of good material for comics also-I have got to give credit to all the cartoonists who do it every day and most of the strips are funny! I can't do that! And they actually do their own drawings!
As far as funny clips-there are always funny ones but I try to find the stuff that's more obscure. I think that's why I got the Transmundane (Year 2-Week 4) award from Culture Kills..., for this one !

I am going to continue to look for great clips, and find great cartoonists to feature here! I will probably continue to make some comics now and then too. Hope that you all find the time to stop by and look.

* Update-I just redid the links for my earlier posts that were not working! Sorry!

I am going to pass this meme to 5 others now:
1. For Your Entertainment
2. Monkey Muck
3. Some Guy's Blog
4. TallFreak
5. Culture Kills...wait, i mean cutlery

October 1, 2007

I'm in a foul mood. Hope you are too...Just kidding!

Not a good Monday today at work. I'm feeling like you know what. These two ads reflect my mood! These clips probably won't bring feelings of lightness of being, or good cheer, but maybe they might give you a dark, grim-spirited chortle or two!

Unbelievable fake Car Salesman ad from a while back.

Parrot with an attitude.

At least this is funny. Bizarro from 10-29-07

September 26, 2007

I'm Blogging against "information" abuse. I'm also blogging for funny videos

Ok -I was asked by Angelda Vinci to post a topic against abuse- which could be any type of abuse- .
I chose "information abuse"-the abuse by the predominant news media sources such as the major network news corporations and the print media that attempt to skew and slant the news, and misinform those citizens which it professes to serve.
By and large, the Internet and blogging in particular has helped to quell some of the misinformation, bias, and outright lying that has gone on for quite some time now that the Bush administration has fostered that kind of reportage-(see Fox News, Jeff Gannon, Armstrong Williams, etc etc.)
People have turned to each other for diversity in opinion and news that does not have the slant favoring the rich and powerful. There are a couple of institutions that have worked to work for truth in news reporting while examining the subterfuge that our big news corporations and their mouthpieces spew.
FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) is one of those great organizations-operating on a shoestring budget, they do the best they can to examine the news for bias and misinformation. I am proud to say that I have been a subscriber to their little magazine Extra! for over 10 years now. I also try to listen to CounterSpin their weekly radio show, whenever I can.
Another great anti bias, pro-truth organization that is online is MediaMatters For America I really like this site and try to check out the clips and articles at least once a week.

I am also blogging for funny clips. This guy Jake Byrd is a prankster that has been seen on the news a lot lately. I had featured a clip of him for the Paris Hilton lawyer's press conference a while back but this clip is too much! Here he is at the OJ lawyer's press conference. Nabbed this from TallFreak (hey Chris- thanks for another great link!)

September 23, 2007

Funny Commercials, and Fun with Idioms

I have been watching a little more TV lately. Don't know why. When I have free time, I usually surf/do emails, but lately I've been a little burnt on that. What's nice, is that I have been seeing a few more funny commercials lately. I like the ones that are darkly funny with some weird and ironic thrown in for good measure. Here are some I thought were comical and some classics, (probably not meant to be funny, but-they are!)
This first one had me rolling, it just blew me away! Then I began to see the other sugar/salt Dymo commercial that's pretty good. Great ideas for ad campaigns! Seems like these companies get a couple of good ad people, they pump out some great ads, (like the very first Caveman Geico ads) then they can't think of anything else that's fresh. Funny thing about ads: I never buy or seek anything out from being exposed to ads-I just like the product. But I do enjoy seeing these kinds of ads!
"His and Hers"


A classic: Mr. Yuck! Do you all remember this one!? Man this brings back memories! This particular Mr. Yuck commercial came out in 1971! Probably scared the shit out of me too!

A compilation clip, which has a few commercials you might have seen before, but some you might not. Some are "foreign"-(those guys always get away with more!)

A classic commercial: Steve Ballmer acting like an...well like himself for a very early Microsoft ad!

Hmmm. I don't remember the "Bing Bang Boing" contraption, but it kinda looked cool! Gee, is it my imagination, or did some of those commercials seem to be longer than the commercials we have today? Oh well. Oh, the nostalgia!

Geico-sans the now stale Cavemen:

Geico-"Behind the Patch"

Finally to end this commercial extravaganza, we have a couple of the Budget Rent-A Car ads from a while back. I loved these ads when they came out. (it seemed like more ads with this type of sardonic, visual humor were seen after these ads came out)
The "Jet Propulsion Pack" ad:

The "Aromatherapy" ad:

I know there are some other really funny ads out there-I will try to include some more next time! (I need to jot them down when I see them and then hope that some kind soul has uploaded them onto YouTube!)

Fun With Idioms: (although after looking at these you might think this should be retitled: "Fun with Idiots"!
For some reason, these idioms just lent themselves well to zombies! I just went with it!

September 21, 2007

What do you think she's thinking?

This is our dog, Mavis. She is part pug, part chihuahua and all yappy! I guess her yappiness is a good thing. She lets us know when someone is even walking close by our house!
What do you think she was thinking here?

September 16, 2007

Help! Help! I'm getting sucked in by the Leave Britney Alone vortex!

Hello all! I know, I know. This "Leave Britney Alone!" thing is getting out of hand, maybe a little stale. But I found a couple of funny little clips that I just had to post!
Jimmy Kimmel introduces us to Chris Crocker's father! Damn, I thought that was Danny DeVito at first!

If Hannibal Lecter met Chris Crocker!

This clip has some offensive subject matter. This guy says some really hateful, crappy stuff, exaggerating, distorting the news to try and give his side about illegal immigrants. I go and check out the racist anti-immigrant clips on YouTube (and piss 'em off with with witty comments!) and this is one of the worst of the worst I have found. Thing is, he's inadvertently funny! He doesn't mean to be funny, he just is! He's a caricature of some of the best movie characters we have all seen and loved! This guy nearly has a heart attack in this rant, going cross-eyed with his fervor.

I tot dis guy would nearly blow a gasket over hea!

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Freedom to say fart in the duck! The freedom to be NSFW!

This clip was too bizarre to pass up! It's NSFW just because of the subtitles! You can probably make up your own funny lyrics to this song! Its fun! Try it!

Some more Bill Hicks! Both of these clips are filled with the kind of hilarious foul-language and funny jokes we all know and will all miss.

Bill Hicks-pornography and rock&roll_
Uploaded by uraba

Here's the infamous Bill Hicks on Rush Limbaugh audio I had told you about in an earlier post!

I have liked Get Your War On by David Rees. Here is a recent strip:

Uhhmm. This one defies description. Lets just say that it is a social commentary from a rapper that really goes against the current grain in rap/hip-hop. (see my last post about 50 and Kanye)
I usually don't like rap that uses the "N-word" but this one, I don't know. Its saying something, that's for sure.

Ok. I'm gonna get on my soapbox.
I was just reading about an organization's ad put out to denounce the MoveOn ad about General Petraeus' remarks our progress in Iraq and I thought-the righties in this country sure overuse the word freedom! It has been used by Sean Hannity: his so-called "Freedom Concerts" Ted Nugent at the infamous "suck on my machine gun" concert, and countless right-leaning organizations old and new.
Look we get it. You are for "freedom." It just seems its not the freedom most Americans think of when they think of freedom. Certainly not freedom to protest, dissent or just be in the same room as policies that are killing our young men and women in the military almost every day are debated or discussed. Other freedoms most Americans hold dear, like the belief that other countries' freedom from repressive regimes means more freedom for America have not been given the same air time as "their freedom" (see Nicaragua, El Salvador, SE Asia, etc etc.) The people we have installed in other countries by our "freedom lovers" are not the most freedom-lovin' dudes you ever saw.
The word freedom seems to be held in low regard by these guys. It shouldn't. It's our greatest strength as a country-when certain people aren't trying to take it away.
Here's a cartoon. Freedom...yeah right!

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