June 8, 2007

Demetri Martin is funny. So is parking lot rage.

Hope you had a great Friday and a great start to the weekend! Hate to post another clip from someone that i had just posted material from just two days ago, but i had been looking for this Demetri Martin clip and finally found it. The guy does this shtick with charts and pictures he draws himself(?) often in his standup and it works well.

This clip is a good one. Female road rage. Could happen. You don't hear about it in the news, but its possible. The bumper sticker on one of the lady's car makes this whole clip that much more poetic.

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June 7, 2007

I feel sooo Rejected!

I remember seeing this next clip a long, long time ago. It was one of the first clips i had ever seen. Its called Rejected by Don Hertzfeldt, and it is one of the most bizarre, and one of the most violent animated clips i have ever seen. It makes you wonder each time you see it what the hell was Mr. Hertzfeldt on when he dreamed this stuff up!? I guess i am on an animation kick after posting those Tales of Mere Existence clips. Well, here goes. Its violent. Kids shouldn't watch it. And its weird! That being said, it is (very) darkly funny...in spots! The dancing whatever they are called are funny and the one who talks is funny. Until, well, I will let you discover that.

The next clip is a tale of some good-hearted animal lovers and an out of control cat. They had good intentions. Just not good results! Ouch!

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Jim Carrey as Fire Marshall Bill and Tales of Mere Existence-sounds like a movie!

Ok, Ok! Maybe this is a little too much Jim Carrey, but i thought you guys might like to see this classic-JC as Fire Marshall Bill. I always thought JC's humor translated better with sketch comedy rather than in his movies.

Here are a couple of clips from Lev Yilmaz ("Tales of Mere Existence") that feature his monotone narration and really simple and evocative line drawing comics. Its the kind of dark humor I love!
"How To Break Up"


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June 6, 2007

Standup and be counted! Wan! Wan little obscene Sesame Street Parody!

Hey everbody! Hope you have all been enjoying the videos and the comics (well, comic-i promise to have more of those later!)
Today i have a few unique comedians who you don't hear about often. One is Demetri Martin, from the Daily Show. I love his type of humor-literate, strange, and ironic. Here is a clip from the Clearification site http://www.clearification.com/ Lots of funny audio and video clips of skits with Demetri here.

Another comedian that i really like is Norm MacDonald. I like his delivery and the subjects he discusses are sometimes mundane, but the way he describes them is very, very funny! Here is an old classic clip of his standup.

Here is a funny clip of comedian Don MacMillan regarding the use of Powerpoint for presentations

Sesame Street in Da Hood-this is definitely not safe for work!

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June 5, 2007

George and the Juiceman

Here are a couple new posts from two comedians that can be very funny! First, is a George Lopez clip where he discusses the different discipline styles of white and Mexican-American parents.

Here is a great clip of Jim Carrey (from In Living Color) doing the Juiceman in "Juicemania"

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My impression of this is...its kinda funny!

Rob Magnotti (impressionist) on Late Night with David Letterman

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Where else can you find comics, funny white kids and nuts screaming about helicopters?!

Hi gang! what I would like to do is to have a place where you can get some laughs and see some funny stuff. I would like to have some off the beaten path type comics, some comedian clips, and some general humor clips on this blog. For this week I would like to feature a comic I think is really funny, Bizarro, by Don Piraro, a comedian clip of impressionist Rob Magnotti, and a clip of The Whitest Kids U Know. As i get to know more and more about doing this, i will post more clips and comics for you to enjoy!

Bizarro-( May 1, 2007)

Here is a link to clip from the Whitest Kids U Know called "Poop Meeting." Its in poor taste, has a few cuss words and its gross, but its funny-at least i think it is!

Ok ok. We're not supposed to make fun of those who are mentally ill, but this guy is hilarious! I saw this clip about 2-3 years ago and i laughed my head off! It still makes me laugh and i thought it might for you too!
Lunatic in North Carolina rants about helicopters and ice in the arena, etc etc!

see you all in a couple of days!

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