November 22, 2008

Sunken Dreamboats, Failures, and the Mob

I saw this photo set on the MSN homepage advertising People Magazine's latest issue about former "Dreamboats." What I find striking about these 3 photos is that Mickey Rourke looks like an Igor-like creature! I mean, man! In that pathetic photo, it looks like he's even saying, "yeeeesss, Master!" Then, Tom Cruise has that ridiculous "I wanna look like a 7-year-old boy" haircut, and finally, Val Kilmer is just looking like "Yeah, I farted, I don't give a shit anymore! I admit it... I'm just too damn tired to fake it anyways!"

Another thing I noticed: Look at the weight loss program ad to the right of the "Sunken Dreamboats." In the "before" photo, in my opinion, the woman looks pretty good to me! Yeah, I have never thought the runway model skinny look was attractive, and I think "curvy" women are more hot, but, what I'm saying is" what's so bad about the first woman's body in the first photo!? In the second photo, she looks like she's possibly....well starving...kinda like this chick did (from The Onion)
I Lost 32 Pounds In 15 Days And Died!

I used to comb The Smoking Gun all the time to look at the funny mug shots and arrest records of stars and plain old interesting citizens. Here is a funny story I found there recently. I knew a kid like that in school-but he wasn't caught and arrested for it-the way those suckers smelled, he shoulda been!
Florida Boy Arrested For Gas Attack

One of my favorite parts of TSG was the WMOB section. wmob Here, you can listen to FBI wiretap recordings of Federico "Fritzy" Giovanelli and Frank "Frankie California" Condo and a few other wiseguys talk about...well, nothing much, but some of the recordings are pretty funny! Just trying to imagine these wise guys talking about the most mundane things in life, their wives, and digestive health is too funny! Here is a just sampling of some of their funniest clips, but there's a bunch!


I have seen a lot of Failblog's FAIL Blog: Pictures and Videos of Owned, Pwnd and Fail Moments stuff on other sites like For Your Entertainment , but I went and checked out the site and saw this. Somebody has an anger problem.

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November 19, 2008

Music stuff

I enjoy checking out guitar clips on YT and one of my favorite people to check out is Justin Sandercoe: Here's his website, in which there's a link to his blog: Free guitar lessons - He's a cool London-based guy-I like the way he describes the lessons and he's just seems like a guy you'd have a beer with while jamming some blues songs!

Recently, I was on his channel and came across some odd comments to a video he did about a finger dexterity exercise. There is one comment that is at once a little comical and maybe a little touching. (The one about hating God) I like what the other guy ends up suggesting!

(Click to enlarge)


I don't know how anyone can listen Don Imus for too long. Not only can he say some racist crap once in a while, but, that voice! It sounds like he's chewing on frogs while trying to speak! It kinda reminded me of that voice Billy Gibbons uses on La Grange-you know- that "heah heah heah heah" thing.

November 17, 2008

Some things I don't joke about

I have been a member of the ACLU for 13 years. I believe in free speech all the way. I would never ever want to censor anyone on their blogs. Whatever you post is your choice.
I love having my blog I feel that it gives me a voice that I don't have in my personal or work environment. I like to joke just about anything-righties, Evangelical Christians, gross stuff-bodily functions, sex, cussing, etc, etc.

There are some things though, that to me, are not a joking matter, and that I won't parody: rape, the Holocaust, people dying-from disease or starvation, and people with special needs. I think with most of those things, it's pretty obvious why I (or someone else) might not want to parody or joke about those subjects. With the special needs thing, though, it seems to be a pretty widely accepted to do in the blogosphere. I am not sure why, but it is.

Having a child with special needs sensitizes you to things. It can hit home. In addition, I have been a teacher to young people with special needs for more than 12 years.

My point: I won't join in/comment on/link with this kinda stuff. That's all.