November 24, 2007

Comedians, clips and comics-what its all about.

This first comedian is Doug Stanhope. I had not heard of the guy, but saw a comparison of him to Bill Hicks, so I was very intrigued. I love Bill Hicks, he was/is a great comedian, so any comparison to him is something I take seriously! Uhmmm... I don't know. He's (Doug Stanhope) ok-these clips are ok, but the comparison is...well there is no comparison. There's no one like Bill Hicks!

I'm stealing the next two clips from blog buddy Tattooed and Atheist Aye! small thoughts....They are of British comedian Eddie Izzard-talking about religion in England and in general.

This is wild. I had not heard of the Flying Spaghetti Monster phenomenon going around the Internet, but I like it. This song is actually kind of cool musically! Combined with the "animation" its pretty humorous!

Here's a few comic strips. One of my favorites, Perry Bible Fellowship, by Nicholas Gurewitch is consistently, strangely, good.

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November 20, 2007

Clips Galore

Hope everyone had a nice, safe Thanksgiving!
I used to always watch Star Trek with some friends and we would alternate between "hey, that's pretty cool", to doing MST3K-type commentary. We woulda had fun with this episode like the authors of this clip did! This is a great clip of when Spock decided to drop out, turn on, and tune in...or whatever. Groovy man!

I had posted a old clip of The Amazing Jonathan earlier, before he had really become more well-known. This clip is still a little old but he had gotten his somewhat dark, sight gag-laden comedy act down by the time he appeared here for the World's Greatest Magic II. Here are parts 1and 2.

As I may have mentioned before, I don't watch too much TV. I just caught The Office lately. (I know, I know-that is really behind the times!) This show is great! I see what everyone is talking about! I thought I would post this clip which catches some of the best pranks on Dwight.

I am trying to find some fresh comedian clips for posting, maybe tomorrow, if I find some decent ones.
See you!

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