May 16, 2008

Musical musings on life and such

Anybody that has read this blog knows that I love to check out YouTube guitar clips so I can learn songs or just hear a favorite band or artist. I really liked the The Knack-especially the guitar work in their stuff and so recently I took a look at some clips of My Sharona. Of course, there are the "Related Videos" on the side, so I decide to click on this one clip that looked interesting. Well, this clip is very interesting. In it, this group is playing a cover of the song, and the camera, strategically placed to capture the band in all its rock and roll glory, instead captures some dimwit making funny faces, trying to dance (I guess I shouldn't talk!) and speaking very animatedly at some other person who is off-camera. The "guy in the corner video" (on YouTube) has a lot of funny comments!

In checking out video clips of some songs I like to play on guitar, I came across this clip of the band Kix doing Blow My Fuse. Now, heavy metal videos are some of the worst videos ever made-absolutely horrible acting, pretentious, super corny, and utterly ridiculous, but I don't mind "performance" type videos. (Hey-how am I gonna learn those licks if I can't see the person playing them, right?) The original Kix video of them performing this song is good-by heavy metal band standards-I think. There was another version put out by what can only be called an "imposter" Kix band. This clip is so bad, so ridiculous, and so inadvertently(?*) funny I had to put it on! You have to see both clips to understand. The first is the "real" Kix, the second is by the Spinal Tap-ish Kix. I love the imposter band's singer's facial expressions-like he just smelled the least-wiped ass ever, and his rather substantial belly! What's weird about this is that I have researched this (yes I actually have looked into this!) and can't find anything about this pressing matter. How is this imposter band able to use the real song; the video is actually labelled "Kix" and its directed by one "Brad Feig"-who I have not been able to find any information on at all! * This second video has to be a gag video-look at the guitarist's hair! That singer's face! Who knows!? At least this version is funny as hell!

"Real" Kix-Blow My Fuse:

"Imposter" Kix

Was listening to the "70's" XM channel on the way home from dinner tonight and heard "You and I" by Rick James. Made me think of that funny skit from the Dave Chapelle Show where Charlie Murphy-Eddie's (funnier?) brother-reminisces about meeting Rick James backstage. One of Dave and Charlie's funnier skits-I think.
*Update-the YT clip I had posted here was taken off. I found a link to another version of this that actually has all 3 episodes of the "I'm Rick James, bitch!" series from the Dave Chappelle Show. All are pretty damn funny. I am now glad I found a link to this better clip!

Funny Video - Dave Chapelle - I'm Rick James Bitch

*Update-I recently (a bit late I guess-it ocurred in 2-08) found out that YouTube had taken the famous guitarist comedy shred videos authored by "St Sanders" (otherwise known as Santeri Ojala) down due to the parodied guitarist's claims of copyright infringement. Ludicrous. They were/are a parody! Get a life!
I put up a link from my original posts to Wired where the clips can still be seen.

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