September 30, 2009

Values-they're great! (for some people!)

I thought this was hilarious. Mike Stark-progressive blogger, Youtuber- mrcawguy activist and intrepid hounder of the right-went to the Value Voters Summit, and rightfully chided the attendees about why certain righties with shady values were invited to speak or were even allowed to show their face-given their history. If you haven't heard about the VVS 2009 Value Voters Summit this is a collection of politicians, pundits, and cheerleaders that are the furthest to the far right you can get. In this video, Stark takes a cue from the Fox "ambush" guys and gives these guys a taste of their own medicine. I found the slow-moving, "Eyore"-turtle-looking guy to be the funniest. (what is the deal with that guy!?) Maybe he is ashamed to be appearing at this collection of nutcases, I don't know.

This is indicative of these people on the far right-when they have a sticky hypocritical stance, don't discuss it or try to 'splain yourself-just avoid the issue altogether.