December 1, 2008

True confessions Part 2-and some other crap

Update: I fixed the Top Gear in the South/rednecks video from June 14 2007. That was one of my most-clicked posts due to Jon Swift's "Best Blog Posts of 2007" feature. I am still trying to get those Eugene Mirman mp3's back online! I will!
I kinda got the Eugene Mirman stuff on again-(he had taken off the Mp3s and put on streaming clips) I put on a link to those, and put Youtube "clips" on. I still laugh like hell at this stuff! I can listen to it a thousand times-it's still funny!
Don't mess with the South/Phony phone conversation...

I forgot to post this admission last time, but here goes. It's another "name confusion" story.

Back before I was married (wife says "better be!") I met this really cute girl at a nightclub. I was always the shyest dude around but my friend goaded me into getting her number. I thought her name was "Hannah" (I wrote her number down- it was loud in there-just in case you're wondering how there might be confusion about her name)

Anyway, my cousin was getting married a few days later and I somehow got up the nerve to call her up to see if she wanted to go with me. There was going to be a reception, and dance after. I couldn't believe it when she said "yes"! (she was really pretty and I thought I had no business even being in her vicinity.) Anyway, we go to the ceremony and to the reception, and I'm introducing her as "Hannah" to all my cousins, aunties and uncles, etc. Then, after we ate, she wanted to change out of her "dressy" clothes into some clothes she could dance in, so I took her to her house. She came out dressed in the tightest, shortest, black miniskirt I had ever seen! Wow! So...let me collect my thoughts..thinking back....Oh yeah, uhhm... the dance! So we go back to the hall for the dance. All my male cousins (and even some uncles!) are checking Hannah out! In fact, I know a few of my male cousins' wives seemed a little pissed about her looking so damn good-ahem! I mean, they thought maybe the dress was a little too sexy. So a few of my relatives are coming around and I am introducing her to them: "Hannah, this is so and so...etc. Well one of the pissed off wives comes by and says something like-("I see you got into something a little more... comfortable") and I introduce Hannah to her. Pissed off wife/cousin says-"what was your name again?" and "Hannah" says "Anna"!! And PO'd cousin says "oh, I thought he called you "Hannah."!! I was shellshocked! Here I had been calling this girl Hannah all the time! I told her "I've been calling you 'Hannah!'" She said something like "it's ok-I knew you were just joking!" (I was like, yeah, that's right! I was just joking!) She was ok with it probably because when I called her on the phone, I was so nervous about talking to her, I used humor to drown out my flubs and "humina huminas." She apparently thought I was just teasing her about her name, and let me call her "Hannah"! (maybe she was a little "ditzy?" kind of like a Latina Barbie doll- I don't know!)

Here's some other crap:

I saw this "ad" for Youtube on its homepage. What the heck is that dessert supposed to be? (click to enlarge photo) I doesn't look appetizing at all! It looks like maggots in wet potting soil, with some whipping cream! I clicked the video and it's no joke. It's supposed to be YouTube's Holiday Solutions Center. I guess that clip is the one you want when you want a "solution" to not throwing up!


Moderator said...

Very funny. We initially considered naming our daughter "Anna" but realized she'd always be confused with her cousin "Hannah."

Micgar said...

Grant-thanks! Yeah-apparently-I don't know this for sure-one of my uncles was videotaping the reception/dance. From what I heard, there are lingering shots of "Hannah" dancing around in that short skirt. Ahh old times! Someday I would like to see that videotape!

Micgar said...

WISD: well then, it wouldn't be a secret, would it? I mean, come on!