August 5, 2007

Finally-some new material!

Was looking for some interesting stuff and came across this link recently. Hmmmmmm.

This is just surreal! And kind of funny too.

Here's the Flight of the Conchords: I had seen a clip of these guys a while back and meant to put it on. Here are a couple of their clips. I have always liked the combination of music and humor in a comedy act, ever since I was a wee lad watching the Smothers Brothers Show, and other like them.

A song about "sexy time"

Racist Dragon!?

I usually don't like much country music, but this guy - Rodney Carrington-(speaking of musician-comedians) is kinda funny. Ahh...the combination of a purty good sanger croonin' tunes 'bout breasts, farts and other lewd thangs is funny when compared to how "real" country artists sing often inadvertently hilarious songs so seriously! Rodney Carrington-Today's the Day My Wife Met My Girlfriend:

I had seen this group-ImprovEverywhere at quite a while back and finally decided to put clip here. ImprovEverywhere is this cool New York City group of street improv comedy people. They go around freaking people out and making them laugh in various public places in NYC.

Having a six year-old son with red hair, this clip resonated with me! Justice for all redheads!

The zombies are a serious threat to homeland security!

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