September 21, 2007

What do you think she's thinking?

This is our dog, Mavis. She is part pug, part chihuahua and all yappy! I guess her yappiness is a good thing. She lets us know when someone is even walking close by our house!
What do you think she was thinking here?

September 16, 2007

Help! Help! I'm getting sucked in by the Leave Britney Alone vortex!

Hello all! I know, I know. This "Leave Britney Alone!" thing is getting out of hand, maybe a little stale. But I found a couple of funny little clips that I just had to post!
Jimmy Kimmel introduces us to Chris Crocker's father! Damn, I thought that was Danny DeVito at first!

If Hannibal Lecter met Chris Crocker!

This clip has some offensive subject matter. This guy says some really hateful, crappy stuff, exaggerating, distorting the news to try and give his side about illegal immigrants. I go and check out the racist anti-immigrant clips on YouTube (and piss 'em off with with witty comments!) and this is one of the worst of the worst I have found. Thing is, he's inadvertently funny! He doesn't mean to be funny, he just is! He's a caricature of some of the best movie characters we have all seen and loved! This guy nearly has a heart attack in this rant, going cross-eyed with his fervor.

I tot dis guy would nearly blow a gasket over hea!

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Freedom to say fart in the duck! The freedom to be NSFW!

This clip was too bizarre to pass up! It's NSFW just because of the subtitles! You can probably make up your own funny lyrics to this song! Its fun! Try it!

Some more Bill Hicks! Both of these clips are filled with the kind of hilarious foul-language and funny jokes we all know and will all miss.

Bill Hicks-pornography and rock&roll_
Uploaded by uraba

Here's the infamous Bill Hicks on Rush Limbaugh audio I had told you about in an earlier post!

I have liked Get Your War On by David Rees. Here is a recent strip:

Uhhmm. This one defies description. Lets just say that it is a social commentary from a rapper that really goes against the current grain in rap/hip-hop. (see my last post about 50 and Kanye)
I usually don't like rap that uses the "N-word" but this one, I don't know. Its saying something, that's for sure.

Ok. I'm gonna get on my soapbox.
I was just reading about an organization's ad put out to denounce the MoveOn ad about General Petraeus' remarks our progress in Iraq and I thought-the righties in this country sure overuse the word freedom! It has been used by Sean Hannity: his so-called "Freedom Concerts" Ted Nugent at the infamous "suck on my machine gun" concert, and countless right-leaning organizations old and new.
Look we get it. You are for "freedom." It just seems its not the freedom most Americans think of when they think of freedom. Certainly not freedom to protest, dissent or just be in the same room as policies that are killing our young men and women in the military almost every day are debated or discussed. Other freedoms most Americans hold dear, like the belief that other countries' freedom from repressive regimes means more freedom for America have not been given the same air time as "their freedom" (see Nicaragua, El Salvador, SE Asia, etc etc.) The people we have installed in other countries by our "freedom lovers" are not the most freedom-lovin' dudes you ever saw.
The word freedom seems to be held in low regard by these guys. It shouldn't. It's our greatest strength as a country-when certain people aren't trying to take it away.
Here's a cartoon. Freedom...yeah right!

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