May 5, 2009

* Geez-I can't keep those Eugene Mirman (where he recorded a homophobic long distance company's spiel-and his very funny responses) links up to save my life! I have had mp3's, Youtube "videos" of these 3 calls, and now-nothing. I did find an Mp3 (on a really cool Internet pop media site WFMU WFMU's Beware of the Blog -check it out for all manner of odd, funny, and really neat Internet stuff!) of one of the funnier of the 3 calls (not the funniest-that's the one with the male caller in my opinion!) Until I get more of these sacred Mp3's, here is the Mp3 of the call from "Kizzie Musselman" of the "Faith, Family and Freedom Campaign."

Speaking of Eugene, he seems to get a lot of weird telemarketing calls. And he seems to quite enjoy making jokes out of them! On Mirman's site he has a bunch of streaming media of these calls, including all 3 right wing Christian anti-gay telemarketer calls for you to hear. Check them out! There's also some other assorted stuff to enjoy!

A long-lost photo for us to remember these two by: