June 3, 2009

New Music News and Other Crap

While Dick Cheney has been hitting the talk show circuit in earnest,he also has been trying something new lately-music! Yes, Dick has decided, what the heck-he was gonna go for it, and try doing a little rapping. He always knew he had it in him.
This is the front and back of his debut offering-"Jus' Dickin' Around"

I have always liked the show Just Shoot Me. We even got a DVD of the series a few years back. One of my favorite characters was Kevin, played by Brian Posehn. The guy was born for comedy-just look at him! Funny delivery, voice, looks-you can't go wrong with that! I hadn't realized he was such a funny standup comedian. (NSFW)

May 31, 2009

So there I was minding my own business....

...trying desperately to find that one video clip of Valerie Bertinelli in her blue bikini by the pool. (Thanks Marie Osmond-what a ditz you are! Without your silly, jealous, maybe prudish(?) comments about the 49 year-old Valerie in a bikini and the subsequent gossip show's reports-that included a glimpse of Val in said bikini-I would not have known there was such a glorious testimony to the effects of someone like Val working her...a-well...extra pounds off-she still has curves! and it gives me uhhm...inspiration to work out myself.)
I know-most of this post sounds like so many double entendres! Most-(really-no kidding!) are not meant to be-they just came out ....awww forget it!

So... I came across some Youtube clips of gorgeous Valerie! Little did I know that I would also come across some of the weirdest, funniest YT comments I have seen in a while! *Just to let you know-as with many Youtube comments-these are some of the most nasty, profane, silly, immature, sexist, and mean spirited digital diatribes unleashed against people. Sometimes they can be kinda funny to point out though!

*(Click to enlarge)On one clip- (channel names/commenter names taken off to protect the innocent, even though I know you can check them out on YT yourself. People don't need any more or unwanted attention on YT) There's one guy who comments about the clip fairly innocuously-but gets his head chewed off by another commenter. At the end of the exchange, the 1st guy gets the last laugh!
In another VB clip "pants around the ankles guy" shows up again! Relentless, he is!

I checked out "super angry commenter's" (from the first screenshot) channel. Looks like someone's got anger issues!

Yes-Ms. Bertinelli has inspired many comments. Including guys(?) who want Valerie to wear a certain type of bikini...and horny guys who get ridiculed by other guys...
...and what's with the "pink polka dot" guy!? In another VB bikini clip (yes-I checked them all out!) he's still got "designs" on Valerie's swimwear!

Finally-of all the strange, horny, disgusting comments directed at Valerie, the next two have to be the strangest! What is the deal with the Illuminati amidst the hottie?! I mean, you're seeing all these slobbering guys' comments, and then this weird stuff about aliens and Alex Jones pops up! I don't get it!

I really need to lose some since we're talking about extra pounds! Speaking of weight issues...just saw a repeat TV medical show about that heaviest man in the world. Ugh! Reminds me of this clip!