May 24, 2008

There will be blood and crap like that

Warning: Much of this post is going to bloody, gory and not suitable for minors. But then again, you're all majors right?
I never like violence (except fake movie violence) but sometimes it can be funny. Witness The Three Stooges. I loved the Three Stooges growing up and I still do! Its "silly" violence. And all those old cartoons were violent as hell, and we liked them! Yes, for kids, parents have to careful. We have learned from letting our son see what we thought was regular old cartoon, and couple that with a kid who's learning appropriate social interactions because he has autism, and you have a little trouble! For grown ups though, fake, silly violence is hilarious!

I used to always watch Celebrity Deathmatch on MTV. Pretty gory stuff, but sometimes it was actually funny.

The comic Lio, by Mark Tatulli is one I have been wanting to post a few of for awhile. It is definitely offbeat, and actually kinda morbid. I am surprised that it is printed in our pretty conservative daily newspaper and that it has survived the annual comic popularity voting!
The strip is noted for telling the story without dialogue. Tatulli calls it a "pantomime strip." Its about a little kid with a huge imagination, an imagination that often involves monsters, carnivores, and dark, but humorous twists. The father in the strip is a caring and patient guy who deals with all the weird stuff that Lio does around the house! Here are a few of the strips so that you can get a feel for it! (click to enlarge)

Finally, here is a little game-Street Fight- where Hillary and Obama duke it out! I found this game on Miniclip Games-where I go to play Fowl Words. (love that game! Street Fight-Hillary and Obama is pretty cool too). It's violent! It's mean! It's fun! Hell, I got Obama to kick Hillary's ass 2 out the 3 times that I played it!

Games at - Street Fight
Street Fight

Obama and Hillary fight it out in hand-to-hand combat.

Play this free game now!!

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May 22, 2008

"...just another way to be right wing..."

This post is not necessarily meant to be humorous, but in some instances, it is. Funny in that way that you can't believe this shit kind of funny, but not really funny like roll around on the ground funny. I usually don't get too political on this site, but after viewing the following crapola, I had to comment!
I have been catching all the political ads in the race for retiring New Mexico Senator Pete Domenici's Senate seat. Some words that come to mind for the two Republicans, Heather (I cried on national TV about a nipple seen for 1.5 seconds) Wilson, and Steve Pearce-yuck! Shameful! Disgusting!

Here's Heather-with that weird voice of hers, sniff sniff-sorry! The super-fleeting glimpse of a nipple makes me want to...sniff sniff-Bawl! I am just abuzz about all this!

These two are trying to "outconservative" each other in their respective ads. In this state, who doesn't know these two were about as far right as they can go?! Certainly the progressive-minded citizens of our state have long known that both Pearce and Wilson have steadfastly voted for all the miserable Bush military and economic policies, and now they are both-instead of being individuals and independent of this administration, trying to show just how far to the right they can get. They both have ads that display "conservative" and "conservative Republican" like its some kind of damn badge.
Steve Pearce's ads are the worst though. He attacks Wilson for being "liberal"! Calling Heather Wilson liberal is like calling a chihuahua an alligator... or something along those lines! Just dumb! He still thinks health care in this country is ok the way it is-he denigrates Wilson for voting for SCHIPP, calling it "socialized medicine."
I don't know how this next clip was obtained. It seems like a hidden camera type of thing, but I don't know why the reporters or investigators would have to do something like that-Pearce is pretty proud of his anti-health care views and probably would give a normal interview. Or proclaim it on the steps of the Capital! The information on the bottom of the screen contradicts what he is saying, although it is unfortunately difficult to read.

Here's one of his dumb campaign ads:

Many of the ads for races in this state are similar, with the ads proudly displaying the "conservative Republican" banner. Here is Monte "choir boy" Newman's videos. (I think they play in succession)

Ed Tinsley, running against Monte Newman in the 2nd District race for Congress also is trying to be Mr. Conservative. This ad is also nauseating.

Here is an antidote for all this far-right-wingin' nonsense! David Cross with his take on flags and flag-waving!

Here is almost the same David Cross flag theme (a little shorter) that you can download. Unfortunately this copy is censored! Boo! It's almost the same effect though! Pure hilarity! Enjoy! *(Left-click on the link then click on "Download"-Mac users just click-I guess!)

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Scary things scare me.

This is scary, folks.

Yikes! All I can say to this photo is: Arrrggh! What the hell is that!?

Seriously-I sincerely hope Amy gets some help soon! She is soon to become another pop casualty if she doesn't. She went from this:

To this. Now that is scary!

Spook your friends with this one, kids!