October 2, 2007

The Origin of Specious....Humor

I was tagged by blog buddy American Scot to discuss the evolution of my blog. I thought his description of the process of his blog Aye! americanscot.blogspot.com/2007/10/memes-word.html was interesting. Some of the ideas and feelings he has felt in writing his great blog are similar to mine. Actually, I looked back at some of the posts he had done before I had discovered his blog and couldn't stop reading! I am copying the format of how he described the development of his fine blog:

I don't think my reason to begin blogging is as deep or as serious (especially at the beginning for me) as my blog-mates. I just thought I could try blogging-I love to mess around on the computer, so I thought... and I thought... about what type of blog I would have. I thought of politics or social issues and music, but then humor-especially humor that was sometimes overlooked by the "mainstream" sites/blogs.

After I had decided upon humor, I wanted to go with video clips and comics, so I finally decided on having comedians comics and humorous clips. The name C3 just kind of fit description of the content I wanted to do. There was a problem though. I had qualms about having a name associated with explosives! I ended up going with it, but sometimes I wonder what people think when they see the name "C3 Fun" for the first time! Oh well. At times the humor can be explosive around here, I guess. (I hope!)

*My first post I wanted to put a strip by one of my favorite cartoonists, Dan Piraro's Bizarro. I was a little hesitant about this, since this was going to be my first ever blog and I didn't know all the things about copyrights etc. I sent an email to Dan and he sent a message back right away-I could copy his strips and use stuff off the Bizarro website http://www.bizarro.com/ as long as I let him know I was going to use stuff, and didn't try to make money off the strips. He was very cool about it! Nicolas Gurewitch of Perry Bible Fellowship fame http://pbfcomics.com/ was also very nice about me wanting to use his comics. Matthew Caverhill of Culture Kills http://rantocracy.blogspot.com/ really helped me out when I was first starting out! He answered questions that I had, and boy did I have a lot, since I had never done this before.

1. My first post(s) http://c3fun.blogspot.com/2007/06/hi-gang-what-i-would-like-to-do-is-to.html was a Bizarro strip, a Whitest Kids U Know skit and a video of some nut in North Carolina! I got nervous and posted a second batch of clips: George Lopez, Jim Carrey, and impressionist Rob Magnotti. I was trying to do just what I had planned to do: have unique clips of comedians and comedy, and comics. Man was I nervous, though!

2. I wanted to be different from the numerous humor sites found on the Internet. I didn't want to have crap like guys skateboarding over steps and falling down and breaking their legs. Or people drunk and having burping contests. I didn't want to have those prank videos that are found a lot on the 'net either. (even though some of those are kinda funny, the goal was trying to be unique)

3. I started trying my hand at doing comics. http://c3fun.blogspot.com/2007/06/blog-post.html and this one http://c3fun.blogspot.com/2007/06/blog-post_2390.html were my first strips. Luckily for me, there are sites which let you make your own comics without being an actual artist. Sites like Witty Comics http://www.wittycomics.com/ Stripcreator www.stripcreator.com/ and StripGenerator stripgenerator.com/ have all been instrumental in allowing me to create (hopefully funny!) strips without any musical talent. My tools I guess are pretty "primitive"-I do a screen capture of the strip, and then copy it into Paint(!) then use Picasa to edit it and then save it to my desktop for me to grab! Sometimes its a pain in the ass to do! I sometimes wish I had better tools, but I don't do too many of my own strips anyway. It is hard to come up with ideas for the strips and that is why you will see that sometimes I have two or three, one, or none! It depends on what I come up with in my rotten head, or what is the topic of current social dilemmas!

4. I had always meant for this blog to be politics-neutral, but that went out the window when I began to click links and see other blogs that do have politics and social conditions discussed or brought up often. Blogs like Aye and Some Guy's Blog andsomeguysblog.blogspot.com/ , Monkey Muck monkeymucker.blogspot.com/, and Jon Swift http://jonswift.blogspot.com/ have all taught me that it is ok to say what you feel, and if you can say and be funny, then that is all the better! My most overtly socio-political post was probably where I named 5 people I have a seriously hard time liking http://c3fun.blogspot.com/2007/08/top-5-people-i-cant-stand.html. I want to do something like that again-there are a few more people like that I just have to name to get it off my chest! Seeing the aforementioned blogs really has energized me to speak my mind!

5. Lately I have been having a difficult time finding the time to find good, unique material that hasn't been posted (or in not so many places) somewhere else. Thanks goodness there is YouTube to embed clips! I would hate to have to link to some sites that have those uhh...err.. ads...on the side! (funny story: I once sent my father in-law a link to a clip I had thought was funny-I didn't notice that there were ads for porn or porn-like sites on the side, until it was mentioned to me later-boy was that embarrassing!) Its hard to find good comedians' clips that people will like, that aren't the "popular" comedians. I think some of it may be that YouTube is afraid of featuring artists' clips for fear of lawsuits. And fan videos of comedians' concerts are sometimes of poor quality.
It has been hard to think of good material for comics also-I have got to give credit to all the cartoonists who do it every day and most of the strips are funny! I can't do that! And they actually do their own drawings!
As far as funny clips-there are always funny ones but I try to find the stuff that's more obscure. I think that's why I got the Transmundane (Year 2-Week 4) award from Culture Kills..., for this one http://c3fun.blogspot.com/2007/06/i-remember-seeing-this-next-clip-long.html !

I am going to continue to look for great clips, and find great cartoonists to feature here! I will probably continue to make some comics now and then too. Hope that you all find the time to stop by and look.

* Update-I just redid the links for my earlier posts that were not working! Sorry!

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October 1, 2007

I'm in a foul mood. Hope you are too...Just kidding!

Not a good Monday today at work. I'm feeling like you know what. These two ads reflect my mood! These clips probably won't bring feelings of lightness of being, or good cheer, but maybe they might give you a dark, grim-spirited chortle or two!

Unbelievable fake Car Salesman ad from a while back.

Parrot with an attitude.

At least this is funny. Bizarro from 10-29-07