September 1, 2007

Top 5 People I Can't Stand

Hi everybody. Happy Labor Day Weekend. Thought I'd do a light-hearted post for this weekend.

About dislike. About loathing.

I thought I'd let you all know what I thought of 5 people who...(cue ominous-sounding music):

I Very, Very Strongly Dislike: (in no order of importance)

(I don't know, I just picked these people somewhat spontaneously. The parameters are: just thinking of these people brings a feeling of revulsion. I don't know...maybe I would pick 2-3 different people at another time...maybe this is dumb...What do you people think of these particular people?)

1. Dennis Miller:

I kinda liked Dennis Miller when he was on SNL. He did the news well and his wit and acerbic observations were great for that segment.

Now that he has become a right wing hack, he's not funny. He claims that 9-11 made him the way he is, but somehow the shtick he does isn't funny when he just re-hashes FOX News segments.

He's just not funny at all anymore. entertainment/comedy/random.html
From the scraggly, Ted Bundy beard:
to the annoying way he continually laughs at his own supposed brilliance, I dubs thee dumbass.

2. Dr. Laura Schlessinger:

Ughh! What can I say about this cold cold woman? Why anyone would want to call and ask for this ice princess' advice is beyond me. The way she addresses those who call in to her show with such venom and disdain is at once pathetic and cruel.

3. James Dobson:

I really can' t stand "Dr" James Dobson. Everyone who doesn't believe like him is considered evil. With the buffoon we have for our President, its no wonder jokers like Dobson have such influence in our government. Its also a shame. His high-pitched whine isn't heard often thankfully, but when it is, it can cause some health issues. Here is his extreme view of stem cell research, in which you get a chance to hear that awful whine.

4. Two-way tie-Joe Rogan and Carlos Mencia:

I realize that most people seem to dislike Carlos Mencia more than Joe Rogaine. Yes, there does seem to be a pattern of joke thievery with Carlos. But then again, I would think all comedians take a little from each other now and then. They want to go for commonalities within people and that's where the sameness and thus similarities in the material they use comes in. What I don't like about Carlos is his angry, vicious humor, the mean-spirited racial jokes, and also the imitating of people with special needs are way over the top for me.

Joe Rogaine is just so full of himself that in almost every photo of him on the Internet, he's got that stupid smug smile on his face with the one eyebrow raised. He tries to be a tough guy, but just comes off like he's trying to ingratiate himself with real tough guys. Here he is acting (overreacting I think) tough with a lady who took him to task for talking down to women:

5. Ted Nugent:

Ted Nugent. What a guy, huh? Makes all sorts of veiled threats towards Demos and then claims that his comments were just jokes. Come on! (nudge nudge) That shit is funny! Its just a rock and roll show. I don't think he should be arrested or anything for what he said during those shows, but if the shoe was on the other foot, and a band said something about Bush and Co., you know he would be asking to be in firing squad. This guy is living his military dreams out now since it seems he got a pass during the Vietnam War

He claims the title of his new album, Love Grenade is a battle cry against breast cancer, but knowing this nut, its just a way to use the military angle to sell his records.

So there it is. The list. What do you think?