September 27, 2008

Charming...isn't it?

Hi fellow bloggers/visitors! I want to tell you about a little jewelry business my wife has been doing on the side for a while. She has been making jewelry for as long as I can remember, but just started two little stores on, where she is selling her own hand-made jewelry.

Lavender Moon's emphasis is on vintage style beaded jewelry, and Lucindas Charms concentrates on vintage style charms and filigree. She just started a blog:
She makes some great stuff! She works hard at it! I hope that you stop by her blog and her stores and check our her designs! Thanks!

This is pretty funny-a "mash-up" of the Gibson Palin interview with a famous interchange that occurred at the Miss Teen USA competition in 2007. Enjoy!

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September 22, 2008

Some Oldies but Goodies... and maybe you hadn't seenies?

Back in June 2007 when I first started out on this blog experience, I had really wanted to start posting some of these hilarious cartoons I had seen on this really cool site called Camp Chaos Camp Chaos . When the time came around when I wanted to post them, the site was down, undergoing changes or something, and if I remember correctly, they had taken a few of the best 'toons down!

They had these 'toons drawn, written and animated by Bob Cesca, (who, by the way has a cool blog: Bob Cesca's Goddamn Awesome Blog! Go!) about the Metallica vs Napster controversy. (see: About Camp Chaos) Metallica-especially bandmembers Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield got ripped for their stance against Napster music downloading, and I, being a proponent of downloading (not with Napster specifically, but just the premise of the whole thing-ultra-rich rockstars complaining about a few high school and college kids downloading some of their stuff for free) was happy about that. I didn't like Metallica then at all so those clips were all the more funny. Those cartoons were probably some of the funniest shit I had ever seen! In fact, I don't know if I have seen many 'toons that funny since. You have to know who Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield are, their personas, and how they speak to really get it, although with the dialogue and the visuals alone, it's still pretty funny. Lar's eyes are crazy! You have to see the way those eyes and the way they move around, and those great voices!

I also hadn't been able to find this really funny Toby Keith clip, but I found that one too! See way down below! I think that clip has run into some trouble from either Toby Keith's legal team or maybe Cesca felt it was a little too inflammatory (for post-9/11 feelings) at the time-either way, believe me-that clip is hard to find!

Guess what!? I found some of those cartoons that were the funniest! Here are a few of them! I am posting a Lars Ulrich interview so you can get a "feel" for his mannerisms!

That crazy Toby Keith clip: Toby Keith Hates Terrorists:

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September 21, 2008

Trying to cover all the bases...

Seems like people coming to this blog are looking for SNL stuff, music stuff and maybe the hot sweaty photos of Ashanti or just plain hot photos of America Ferrara! Well, here is a funny clip from SNL alum Dana Carvey that's about music-that's two out 4-50%!

Carvey gives some observations about guitar players, and music!

WTF?! Is this one of them there "other movies" or what!? Those girl sounds are nasty-sounding! - Watch more free videos

I love Keith Olberman, but this little parody is just too funny!

*update: I found that Viacom had the Dave Chapelle black KKK guy/white supremacist videos taken down-but I found another link Hey kids! Make your own damn comics! so that you can laugh-I always have liked Chapelle's racial humor-makes you think!
I also fixed the Celebrity Deathmatch link (I had a funny Stephen King vs JK Rowlings-but it got deleted) I now have a funny Mike Myers vs Dana Carvey match that's pretty good There will be blood and crap like that Hope you enjoy those links!

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