April 12, 2008

Play that funky music!

*First off-one of my most favorite cartoonists, Dan Piraro, agreed to let me link to his blog- Bizarro Blog What an honor! Check out his blog! It's as funny and zany as his strips!

This is gonna be a pure music post. I have really been playing my guitar lately. Anyone who has read my profile knows that I love to play the guitar. I like all kinds of music, but like to play rock and roll on the guitar most of all. I just love looking for clips on Youtube showing how to play this riff or that lick. There are thousands of those clips on there, some good, and some not so good. I recently checked out some clips and saw a guy that posted a lot of clips some of which are ok and some not so good. I mean, he seems like a real nice guy, seems like he's a good father, (his daughter is featured in some of the clips) but there are a couple of clips he has that just aren't that good. He seems to have trouble sometimes with tuning his guitar. He seems to have some trouble playing some songs without very loudly playing the "real" track to play along, sometimes drowning out his own playing.

Now, I will be the first person to say that I will never post a video of me playing a song or a riff to YouTube. I think it takes some guts to post those, when you know that some people (in my case many people!) are going to be commenting negatively about your playing, the song you picked etc, etc. I don't comment negatively on video clips of guitarists/musicians I don't like. (I do comment negatively, although without profanity, etc. for political/socio-cultural clips whose views I disagree with) If anything, I will comment positively about the video. I really don't like to see the negative comments for players who are trying their best, trying to show people something, but then again, you're putting yourself "out there" for all to see and hear and that's what the comment function is for.

Well, I have seen some funny comments poking around in YouTube, and for this one particular guitar player who has posted many clips of himself, one commenter- (jedihakker) had some choice words for the guy's playing on several of clips. Ok, I admit I kinda thought jedihakker's comments were humorous. I admit it. Maybe you "have to be there" with this thing. Anyway, I decided against posting the link for this guy's clips. You will be able to find it if you know how to look at the screenshots anyway. I am going to be looking for other comments for different kinds of clips and maybe posting those later. Sometimes the comments are funnier than the clips themselves! Maybe this is just a very dumb idea. Probably. Feel free to give me some negative comments!

Funny clip about a guitarist getting haunted by Pachelbel's Canon in D!

I saw this next clip on Because I was Bored and like Marvin, I have to post it also! Rainin' McCain by the McCain Girls. This is not funky, not tuneful and could be used as a musical emetic! It plays as a parody of sorts but it seems they really do like McCain! Don't eat a large meal before watching this one!

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April 9, 2008

Too late for love?

I know. Valentines Day was way back in February, but I just found some clips that deal with love and relationships in a pretty humorous fashion. Besides, we should not think about that special someone only one month a year! Especially with these two clips! They kind of remind me of some clips I posted quite a while back by Lev Yilmaz from his Tales of Mere Existence series Tales of Mere... and maybe some of the stuff by Don Hertzfeldt I feel sooo Rejected! , (although certainly not as dark and violent as his thoughts on relationships!).

Anyway, I love this sort of dark, cynical, but funny animation! I found this first clip My First Crush on my wife's Etsy site. (shameless plug: my wife is selling her jewelry on her site http://www.lavendermoonjewelry.etsy.com/ -check it out, and my sis in-law is also selling her rather unique purses there too!)

My First Crush created by filmmaker Julia Pott, is actually not a rolling on the floor hilarious clip, but a sometimes tender, touching little film, acted out by funny animal characters, of real people's crushes, based upon interviews. More info: Julia Pott has got a crush on animation

This next clip is something I saw on blogmate Matthew Caverhill's blog, Culture Kills...wait, i mean cutlery. I saw I Guess You'll Do and thought "This is perfect!" Thanks Matthew! It'll fit alongside the other clip! This one is more cynical. It's narrated by a woman, but obviously from a dude's perspective and it's more a statement about what guys think about marriage. "Ehem...uhh...not all guys, honey!" Slap!

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April 6, 2008

A New Beginning...

I haven't been around lately. I've been a little burned out. I guess that's what it was. I just didn't feel like blogging too much lately.

Well, I recently got a spark. One of those creative sparks that makes you feel like a new person. An invigorating jolt of creative juice! I needed something to ignite that fire under me and I didn't know it, but I was sitting on it all the time!

I had to reach deep inside me, inside my bowels to get it, but now it's here and I think this is gonna be good!

Yes, from now on, this blog is gonna be all about farts. Yes-farts. Farts, farting, farted, farts.

Farts that smell so horrible, they make you want to kill someone in a likewise manner:

Farts that were "dealt" by you, but to deflect criticism, you feign innocence and express outrage:

Farts that you sample and savor as one of your own:

Farts that make you go absorightwingin' bonkers:

Farts that make you absoleftwingin' bonkers: (or at least absoliberalin' bonkers)

Yep-farts. They can be a really harrowing experience...

or blogfodder for getting back into posting dumb shit trying to make people laugh!

A blast from the past-Gorgeous George-a public access a-hole who "hosted" the self-titled show on Richmond, VA public access, where he constantly gets insulting calls to his program, and he tries to one-up the insults. This clip kinda goes with the toilet humor theme.

I love Robin William's standup-what a great standup comedian! You gotta be on your toes with this guy! This clip is great! Talk about impromptu! (He did a little SU while there were technical difficulties at the Technology Entertainment and Design Conference, which was being held in Monterey, California, and being filmed by the BBC).

via videosift.com

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