March 27, 2009

Prurient comedy

I found this strip hiding out at Anne Altman's place TWO CAN ANNE. Lucas Held has some of the craziest, sickest, and funniest f'n comics I have seen in a long time! Please-if you're into funnier than hell comics, go to Lucas' site: Lucas Held. I asked him if I could post 2, but they're so damn funny, I couldn't choose just two! They're all funny! (click to enlarge)

Boy, I'd love to be this guy! I mean hate... hate? Hmmmm...

This guy is a real jerk-off! No, it's not Sean Hannity- but just watch and you'll see what I mean. Just know beforehand this one is pretty "adult!"

*update I just fixed some of the "broken" Napster Bad Camp Chaos clips from this Some Oldies but Goodies... and maybe you hadn't se... post back in September last year. Bob Cesca is a genius! I had one CC clip called Napster Dead-with Lars and James in a hot tub, but that got taken off YT! (another copyright issue!) The one I put up in its place is even funnier though-James on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire! If you think his cartoons are great, check out his blog!

March 23, 2009

Too Weird!!

Hey! My wife is still selling her jewelry at both and her other Etsy shop at
In addition, she now has another shop at and Please stop by. She's got great prices on some great pieces that she has designed and fashioned herself!

Even with all the stupid copyright claims on Youtube clips, poking around YT can result in finding some weird, crazy s@$#!

I found these jazzed up Van Halen/David Lee Roth clips when was looking for the "regular" acapella versions I had seen/heard a while back.

And speaking of rock music and such...I found this "spoof" of the Geraldo Rivera special on the Devil Worship/Metal music. (I know, I know. I get stuck on a theme sometimes-since the last post) This guy is hilarious!

...and another clip about satanic backward masking...funny stuff! A British humorist-Chris Morris is behind this one!

I'd like to find more clips of the satanist guy and Mr. Morris. My kind of humor, and I hope you like this stuff too!

March 22, 2009

Please accept my Ministry and don't forget to observe the Sabbath!

Actually featuring Comic, Comedian and Clip

I like Superpoop. The comic-not what I make after eating too much! Superpoop: Photo Comics by Drew

I have always enjoyed Norm MacDonald's wry, odd comedy. He pronounces words funny too-(gur-raj)! Anyway, I heard this clip on my favorite XM comedy channel-Laugh Attack-Canada's uncensored comedy! Norm is great as always, describing the "scene"!