June 13, 2008

SNL revisited

From looking at my Sitemeter Referrals and other data available on my Sitemeter page, it seems like Saturday Night Live-related humor is popular. I get most of my hits from that Penelope clip that I link to (which is surprising being that all the other Penelope links got pulled!).
Well, I am trying to please people who come this humble site. I am posting a couple of clips of a couple of my favorite comics from the later era of the show- Will Ferrell and Dana Carvey. They were two of the few funnier people on the show, in my opinion.

If you have been watching the NBA Championship games-(go Celtics!) you have seen the commercials featuring Ferrell's Jackie Moon character from the recent Semi-Pro flick. (I didn't see it-how was it?)Here's a couple of versions of this commercial.

The Old Spice ads were great too! Here are a bunch of "takes" that are pretty funny!

Dana Carvey was (and is)a great comic also. With all the talk about John McCain resembling a grumpy old man, here is one of Carvey's best skits!

MySpaceTV Videos: Saturday Night Live - Grumpy Old Man

Have a great Father's Day weekend! Happy Father's Day to all those fathers out there!

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June 8, 2008

A matter of speaking

As usual, Jon Stewart perfectly "narrates" the current news show tapes for maximum hilarity! He exploits our politician's gaffes so well! Here, he showed how when Hillary was supposed to concede the nomination to Obama, she had a seemingly difficult time doing it, and how McCain is, well just McCain!

I like comedian Brian Regan. Speaking of gaffes-here is a little clip of Brian talking about how he sometimes makes mistakes when speaking with others. I do the "you too!" thing once in a while, so this hits home! Give it listen and if you like it download it! (left-click to get to menu for either listening or downloading)

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