October 18, 2008

More weird S!#*!

Here are some weird comics: (click to enlarge)

True story. I had a primary Dr. who, twice mistakenly identified me as another patient. This particular Dr. asked me after he came into the examination room-"Hey, how are you dealing with the Crohn's disease?" Not having Crohn's disease before (or so I thought-I had just had a physical and the Dr. was to give me my results) I now thought for a second that I had just developed Crohn's disease! After he realized it was another patient with a similar name, we were ok until next time. The next time, he came in the room, and said, "we need to keep monitoring how you're doing with your diabetes"! Of course, I luckily didn't have diabetes, and of course, I promptly switched to another Dr.!

Speaking of comics-one of my favorite cartoonists -(if not my favorite!) Dan Piraro had this fun little interactive Palin click and see what happens thing http://palinaspresident.com/ on his blog Bizarro Blog. Just a word of warning-it has some graphic depictions of animal killing-being that she's an avid hunter.

In looking for guitar "how-to" video clips on YT, I have come across some informative clips from a channel called Expert Village expertvillage that features hundreds of videos of people who purport to be experts in many different fields and interests. There are musicians, handypersons, exercise experts, etc, etc. There are videos on how to be a pole dancer, how to survive prison, and many other different scenarios and situations. Most are not done as a joke, but real people who are trying to help people out people needing information about the field they are strong in. And some of the people who are the "experts" are really experts. They are knowledgable, and give good advice. It is the people who are obviously joking around or doing silly stuff that caught my eye the other day. Some of this stuff is STRANGE! Weird. But it can be funny sometimes.

Here are some clips of a guy who claims to know a lot about the art of the put down, the smack-down- trash talking extraordinaire, Ryan Tapp: (sorry-couldn't embed these EV vids)

How to talk trash:
Smack-talking by insulting significant others

Talking about someone's mama to trash talk:

How to survive a zombie attack:

Choosing weapons to use against the zombies:

How to run from the zombies:

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