December 12, 2007

Yeah-I got your post right here, buddy.

This is a real shitty post. The clip, not the post itself. (although judging by the lack of traffic around here, I am starting to have some doubts)

Just put out the Christmas lights last weekend. Speaking of Christmas lights-here's Jim Gaffigan.

Some comics:

Found this comedy troupe called are pretty good. Found some clips on Youtube. They kind of remind me of The Whitest Kids U Know comedy troupe who I featured a long time ago. With both these groups, its hit and miss, but when its "hit," its pretty funny. With the Derrick people, there's a lot of foul language and "adult situations" so, just to let you know.

I thought this historical expose on an old Jazz figure was kinda humorous.

This is sick, but funny in a twisted way. Kinda.

Check out the redhead who is an expert at something on Derrick Comedy.

see you next time,


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