November 28, 2008

God, give me more horrible Christian music!

Did you know that the "renewed mind" is the key? Now you do:*(better watch it while you can! The other clip of this I had posted was taken off YT by The Way International for copyright infringement!)

Most of you have seen this clip- Son Seed-singing Jesus is a Friend of Mine. This is a funny parody (like if the original wasn't already a parody of itself!) of that song.

Comedian Mike Birbiglia talking about Christian music:


Distributorcap said...

i just cannot listen to that music.....

Dr Zibbs said...

Great find! And I saw that comic just the other night on TV. He's pretty funny

Micgar said...

Dcap-Isn't it awful!? Just horrible-how can they expect to lure people in if they have this kinda garbage?

Dr Zibbs-I wasn't even looking for that kind of stuff-I was looking on Live Leak and found it and then went searching for "horrible Christian music" came up with loads!
I think I had heard Birbiglia on XM radio the other day. He's pretty funny. And accurate too! Thanks!!