January 1, 2009

WTF?! Video Presents:

I wish you all happy new year! *UPDATE: I fixed that Top Gear/Rednecks video clip Don't mess with the South/Phony phone conversations that I had submitted for Jon Swift's BBP of 2008! I should have checked all the links when Jon posted the BBP feature. It got pulled due to "copyright violation"! I couldn't embed the clip (at least not the version I wanted) I tell you what! I am getting so sick of having these great video clips yanked because the studios/production companies, whatever- are upset that people are viewing a 5 minute streaming clip and they're not getting every stinking penny they can get for it! I think that is the most ridiculous crap! Greedy bastards!

These here two videos make me think: What the F%$#!?


Anonymous said...

You know, as if they don't benefit from the extra free publicity they get.

Happy New Year, Micgar, to you and your family!

Micgar said...

Hey Dcup-Happy New Year to you, Mathman and the family!

Yeah-I don't know-I think it would be different if you could go to YT and watch a whole TV show. Then, I could see that. I guess.

Distributorcap said...

happy new year

you know you can download from youtube to either flv or mpg4 -- and then you can convert to wmv or avi and embed on your own blog.. a million steps but that is what i do from now on since io have gotten so many clips thrown off youtube

Micgar said...

hey Dcap-Thanks I think I will do that! You know, I had read about this-somewhere-i just started using Firefox, and I love it-I think either one of the add-ons or some software I saw on Download.com, or Snapfiles was able to do that.
I would like to do that-they keep taking away the neat clips! All that are going to be left are people burping into the camera or falling off skateboards!

Greg said...

That second clip was especially enjoyable.

Then again, I'm a horrible person.

Micgar said...

Greg-thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! Stop by again sometime!