November 28, 2008

God, give me more horrible Christian music!

Did you know that the "renewed mind" is the key? Now you do:*(better watch it while you can! The other clip of this I had posted was taken off YT by The Way International for copyright infringement!)

Most of you have seen this clip- Son Seed-singing Jesus is a Friend of Mine. This is a funny parody (like if the original wasn't already a parody of itself!) of that song.

Comedian Mike Birbiglia talking about Christian music:

November 27, 2008

True Confessions

Hey! Maybe I should try this sometimes when I don't know the answer!

True confession Story time: When my son was born, my wife and I were walking around the hospital floor with me pushing my son in one of those hospital bassinets a few days later, since she had had a cesarean. We saw the Principal of the school were I had worked a few years earlier, who was with her daughter who had also just had a baby. We went up to her and I said hi, she said "hi" and she said "this is my daughter, etc" and then she said "what is it?" I thought she meant what did you have-a boy or a girl? She really meant-"what was your name?" I said proudly, "baby boy." She looked at me kinda weird and said, "Uhmm, no, I mean, what was your name?" My wife was so sore from the C-section that laughing was really hard for her, but she could barely keep from just bursting out loud! I got teased about this for a while! Now, we sometimes think about that day when I called myself "baby boy"!! It's good for some chuckles!
I will post a "name confusion" story that happened to me a while back for the next post. (I don't know, guess I feel like getting these off my chest!)

I always liked Rodney Dangerfield. What a classic comedian he was! Maybe the king of the one-liner.

I always liked this guy too: Richard Belzer on Reagan and Salman Rushdie:

Update: I just saw this in my list of updated blogmates posts! Another typically hilarious post from Jon Swift, just in time for the post Thanksgiving snacking and regorging!
Let Us Remember the True Meaning of Thanksgiving Before It’s Abolished