December 6, 2008

Some funny motherf&%*@!s!

I have been wanting to put up some clips from this guy for a long time. I like Kat Williams' comedy a lot! He is raw as hell, but there is a undercurrent of thinking about being a better person amidst all the cussing and n-words! From Wikipedia: As a guest on The Tonight Show in February 2007, he spoke about the importance of adopting from foster care, stating "...he didn’t have to go to Africa to do it. Amazingly enough, there are needy kids right down the street."

I just read that he recently had been asked by some family members to seek mental evaluation due to some erratic behavior. "Comedian Katt Williams hospitalized in SumterI guess he is now saying that a December 31 appearance with Steve Harvey will be his last stand up. I really hope he gets better soon, whether it is stress, or family issues, I hope he can work it out-he's one funny guy!

And, kinda related...


Distributorcap said...

i love raw comedy. he is good

Micgar said...

Hey Dcap-geez-sorry I didn't know you had even commented here! Yeah Katt's funny as hell! He does this funny Michael Jackson thing, but I couldn't find that clip. Maybe later!