December 26, 2008

Comedy for the beginning of the end

Married to the Sea Married To The Sea: "The Champagne of Comics" is a great comic-just ask Anne Altman Two Can Anne who has posted lots of MTTS, done by Natalie and Drew Dee. On the MTTS site, they also have other funny stuff, including Superpoop Superpoop which are real photos-hilariously captioned! Here's a couple (or three) of Superpoop. That didn't come out well! Hey! That didn't come out so well eith...aww forget it-here
they are:

I have always liked Demetri Martin's comedy. Here, in this clip (audio only-someone put pictures to the jokes-check out this clip's "more info" on YT) Martin does his usual, unique, observational humor while playing his guitar.


Anonymous said...

Daggummit. The video is no longer available.

Well, I must say, the funniest thing about McCain was his campaign.

Micgar said...

Dcup-it must have been offline for just a bit-Its working now.

Yep-even with all his gaffes and blunders, the right kept plugging away for him.