January 2, 2009

Real Self-Help

I opened my paper today to see that Pat Robertson was quoted as saying that he believes our country is headed for "socialism" but that in the second half of Obama's term we can expect a "rebound," it will be like the New Deal. Yes, Robertson is back with his annual prediction for the coming year. What gets me is that the news story actually noted that Robertson's predictions for the past year were more or less accurate! Like he's some kind of prophet, or something! For 2008, he had predicted a U.S. recession, widespread bloodshed in the world, and oil hitting 150 a barrel. He also claimed to have predicted who would win the vote for President, but didn't want to say anything! Uh-huh.

My question is: Who in the hell couldn't have predicted those things for last year?! I mean, at least in a general way like he did. Why are we even giving one iota of credence to what this turd says?! He is a world class creep, in my book. I hate the way, on his show, he has a story of someone whose life was a mess because of drugs, or they were sick, and now that they have come to the Lord, just because they caught His message on the 700 Club, they have recovered, or they are healed! But don't forget-Pat says, you need to contribute $-lots of it-to keep this type of ministry going! Wanna see that lady get her cancer cured-send some money! If you want that drug abuser to see "the light," send-you got it-money! If you want Robertson's book about whatever he thinks he's an expert on, you need to make 4 easy payments of 39.95! I think Robertson is a charlatan. He preys on people's empathy, beliefs and devotion to get the money that he uses for...well, who knows what!
*I finally found a video with Robertson's 2009 predictions-on YT they were mislabeled "Pat Roberts 2009 Predictions"! I am surprised that he didn't ask for $ from his congregation for making these "predictions"!

I have been into the "how to" videos on YT and other sites-some of them are just unbelievable! Why people would need a video to explain nose hair plucking is beyond me! And the air guitar thing? Why?! How is this such a big thing?! As a guitarist, this is just going way too far! Rockband and Guitar Hero I know, are really popular-(I don't get it, but-ok)but air guitar championships!?



Moderator said...

Ugh. I hope you didn't have to search too long for those Pat Robertson videos!

Micgar said...

Grant-no-luckily, I knew there was a clip of this, but I didn't know it was under "Roberts"! Thus I didn't have to see his weird, bobbing head, and hear the now-famous giggling, irritating speech.