February 9, 2008

Odds and ends

Some ends:

I was checking out some blog and this Google ad caught my eye. Odd, but kinda funny! (you can say it's subject matter comes from the end!)

Free Fart Videos
10 Farts That Shook The World Captured On Video!

*(better not click on that link-who knows what you might hear! Wonder if Grant Miller had anything to do with this ad!)

This one is so sad...Let me try and compose myself...ok...before you curse out your fridge, your dishwasher, or that electric space heater-remember that they have feelings too!

You know, Ron Paul has got a lot of boneheaded ideas, and maybe he is a little "off" in the head, but I am sure going to miss some of that "crazy" talk in the run to the election!

Some odds:

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February 4, 2008

Some clips by Katz20two and some oldies but goodies

Hey people I came upon these cool clips today on YT and I thought I would share them with you. This young lady is funny, quirky, and yes, as some of the comments have proclaimed,very cute. I am always excited and happy to find some clips of some budding humorist/comedian.

In the first clip, she describes purchasing coffee at Starbucks. I have often thought about how they label their sizes-Tall, Grande, Vente. To me, it is somewhat illogical to have the smallest size be named the "Tall." When I first started going over there, I was always wondering-"do they not have a small size coffee?" Well, I think katz02two has thought about this a bit also, as she hilariously describes in this clip.

In this next clip, katz20two shows what happens when horribly poor public speakers like me are asked to make a speech!

By the way she has a non-humorous, real deep-thinking clip about what it means to be an American.This is not in the jingoistic, militaristic kind of way, but really thinking about what matters to be an American on her channel/site on YouTube, if you want to check it out, along with a few more humor clips, its here: katz20two (Re: Paperlilies)

I was watching TV the other night and caught Spaceballs. I loved that movie! There was this guy who did "noise impressions" (I guess you could call it that!) in the movie named Michael Winslow. He's amazing! How does he get those sounds out of his mouth?!

His more recent Geico commercial clip is ok:

I was thinking about some song parodies that Mad TV did, and then I remembered the Darlene McBride character-the racist, ultra-right country singer that Nicole Sullivan portrayed. (I always liked most of her skits on the show).

Montgomery-Gentry-eat your heart out!

Ok-this might seem a little harsh, but I think Mo Collins nailed Alanis' voice!

Yeah all the bands kinda sounded like this for a while.

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