November 2, 2007

Skink and Shred

I have always liked Chris Elliot. He's a funny guy with a great sense of humor! This is a good parody of Dog TBH. Here's a few clips from the David Letterman show.

*Update-St Sanders-(Santeri Ojala) the author (whom I unfortunately forgot to name in the original posting) of these really funny guitarist clips, has had to pull these great clips from YouTube due to the original guitarists citing copyright infringement. Copyright infringement!? For pete's sake people, get a f'n life! These clips are parodies. They did not have original songs or music. Awful. Well, at least they are available at this Wired link Banned From YouTube: Parody Guitar Videos . (I'm leaving the old useless video posts as a testament to the idiocy of taking these funny clips down!)
Some more great guitarists whose playing has recently gone awry! Santana's guitar playing has really deteriorated since he played with Rob Thomas!

In this rare video of Ozzy when he had Jake E. Lee, its surprising to see just how bad Jake was in concert! Heck, even Ozzy's clapping is off!


SouthLoopScot said...

Those Chris Elliot clips were great! I haven't watched Late Night in years... I'm glad he's back on the show.
I was always fond of his goofy characters! :)

Micgar said...

t&a: thanks for stopping by! i noticed there was one odd moment when Elliot commented on Dave's manner of speaking to him, growing up-when he said "stupid" Dave said-"what did you say?" I think it caught Dave off guard but of course Chris was just joking with him. I love just about everything Elliot has done-he even makes bad movies better!

Anonymous said...
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Moderator said...

Skink is my favorite action hero.

Micgar said...

Grant: Skink uses Axe to ward off foes.