September 16, 2007

Help! Help! I'm getting sucked in by the Leave Britney Alone vortex!

Hello all! I know, I know. This "Leave Britney Alone!" thing is getting out of hand, maybe a little stale. But I found a couple of funny little clips that I just had to post!
Jimmy Kimmel introduces us to Chris Crocker's father! Damn, I thought that was Danny DeVito at first!

If Hannibal Lecter met Chris Crocker!

This clip has some offensive subject matter. This guy says some really hateful, crappy stuff, exaggerating, distorting the news to try and give his side about illegal immigrants. I go and check out the racist anti-immigrant clips on YouTube (and piss 'em off with with witty comments!) and this is one of the worst of the worst I have found. Thing is, he's inadvertently funny! He doesn't mean to be funny, he just is! He's a caricature of some of the best movie characters we have all seen and loved! This guy nearly has a heart attack in this rant, going cross-eyed with his fervor.

I tot dis guy would nearly blow a gasket over hea!

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SouthLoopScot said...

I agree with him. Everyone but the Native Americans need to get THE FUCK OUT!
What a gumba! He had the nerve to talk about illegals not having a high school diploma? Where did he goto school? Knuckle Dragger High?

Jay said...

lol in that last video, the guy looks like he had some heart problems at about 20 secs!

Jay said...

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Micgar said...

MC: You summed him up perfectly! Ha ha!

Jay Cam: yeah everytime he paused I was afraid he'd black out or something!
Gonna check out your blog now!