December 2, 2007

More on music

So I finally got rid of the old ('97) Sentra I had and got a slightly used Hyundai Sonata. Its nice! I like it! Nice features and the power on this thing is amazing! Not that my old Nissan was a piece of trash-it still ran well, considering that I had never really done anything maintenance-wise except to change the oil!

Anyway these Sonatas come with XM Satellite radio standard. I love this feature! I love the variety of music that Satellite offers. There's rock, pop, soul, rap, '40s, 50's, 60's 70' 80's, and 90's music...everything! Well, there's this "sub channel" (XMLM-"XM-Liquid Metal") on the rock category that features extreme heavy metal. Like, what is called "black metal" or "death metal." I'm talking really heavy, heavy, metal so that you can't pick it up metal. Now, I like heavy metal like the Scorpions, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, etc, stuff that I loved in my teens and early twenties, but this stuff is the heaviest of all heavy metal. Like really heavy! By chance, in switching channels one day, I caught this station playing some of this stuff and I really had to listen, but I think I caught some of the lyrics of a few songs. As a service to you, Dear Reader, I am transcribing two songs that I heard today. You don't have to thank me.

Here is the player for the lovely little ditty called "Hammer Smashed Face" by Cannibal Corpse.

Here are the lyrics for "Hammer-Smashed Face"-These lyrics are accurate. Pretty sure. I may be wrong, but I don't think so!

Cannibal Corpse- Hammer-Smashed Face:

"Cookie…it good… eat…
Eat…eat, public ohhh
Good… me for good
Oohhh…me love some more
Me love some more cookie…
Two for the fantasy…
Word to “Effie”…
(guitar break)
Ooooh, me go make in toilet…
Make big poo poo in toilet
Make poo poo make big poo poo in toilet
Short guitar break/tempo change:
Ooohh its big…
Really fuckin big…
Really fuckin big
Fuckin big
Fuckin big
Tempo change:
Something in my poop
something in my poop
Slow tempo again
Pussssy, pissss youuuu!
Back to Refrain/chorus:
Eat a big dong, “W”
Eat a big one on the service silver
Eat a big one
on me, on me
Slow tempo:
So far, it get me dowdy
Don’t you, want me?
Fast Tempo:
Do you wanna fix it?
Do you, do you think?
‘Cause its you who broke it
You a pencil!
Hey you’re cuuute!
Just wanna be with you!
What is this thingy?
Never seem to miss you!
Just go on with that dude!
Hans Solo rampart,
Tea for two- bonjour!
Hezbollah, will avoid!"

Here is the player for Amon Amarth's "Victorious March" another lovely ballad.

Here are the lyrics-again accurate as can be...
Amon Amarth -Victorious March:

"Dolomepei was the Prince of Clowns!
Wear an enema, or rock the prius night!
Don’t wanna rub on the business balls!
Aww, the enema, died just on the business balls!
They’re against the salt!
Whats this!? Behind me?
Its live! No mercy was shown!
No mercy- awwww! Was showwwwn!
Got another pie- I’m gonna let go!
The god of said horses to the ground!
No sons of weakness no sons of weariness!
No ary-mongers are involved in their eyes!
Let’s do the “Newfoundland” then we will be “Church”!
By knowledge, let’s love cyclones dry!
You’re headed for…a certain book!
Which is nass-stay!
The serpent will disown!
Will my baby, uhh, miss me?
Blah blah blah"
(indecipherable-actually, I couldn’t take it anymore!)

Hey I did my best! Decoding Death Metal lyrics is really, really difficult!

Speaking of Death Metal...Pablo Francisco who I think is a pretty good comedian, does a good little bit about it here: (first seconds of video are messed up for some reason)

And...speaking of Cannibal Corpse, the Australian comedy troupe The Chaser did a funny take on CC's music if it would be done as lounge music! Funny stuff!

This is kinda funny-oh the irony!

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Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

That last video is great!

Micgar said...

Dr Monkey-I love Cannibal Corpse like that! Actually that's the only way I can take that music! thanks for dropping in!

Moderator said...

If bears could sing, they would sing for death metal bands, I think.

I'm a huge fan of satellite radio. We bought, I believe, the very first Sirius console ever made. We've bought three or four more since then and even checked out XM some.

My wife once asked which gadget I'd rather have on a desert island - TiVo or satellite radio. I said the radio without hesitation.

Micgar said...

Grant: Yes! I really like the satellite radio! There's the talk stuff the music everything you could want. And not having so many of those stupid commercials and awful DJs is great!
Grizzly bear, oh grizzly bear, sing a song for me! They do sound like bears! Pooping in the woods!