October 12, 2007

Shoots! Ladders! ...and the N-word!

Hey people! Hope you all are ready for the weekend. I sure am! I just started a new job as an itinerant special education teacher, and I am really busy! Its a different busy from my previous job as a special education classroom teacher. Of course I get to travel to different schools and meet all kinds of people, but I have a lot more schedules to meet and a lot more meetings!

Time for some videos! The first clips are not at all controversial, but the ones by the Onion and Dave Chappelle are both dealing with the same, really controversial topic.

What is it with all those Home Shopping Network-type things with ladder mishaps!? I found at least two ladders featured on these shows that seem to be made of highly questionable, safety standards or shaky material!

I have almost every anthology of the Onion www.theonion.com/content/index there is. (Speaking of which I need to go check out the latest!) I really love that type of snarky, ironic humor! The way that the writers use the idiosyncrasies of newspaper to score humorous bulls eyes almost every time is perfect! When I started to see the video edition of the Onion, I was a little unsure about how their type of humor would translate. It works! I love the Onion News Network!
This next clip from the Onion News Network is about the nastiest, crudest, and vulgar clip I have ever posted, but dammit, its funnier than hell! Don't say I didn't warn you! If you don't like or can't take bad language, sexual content, and nudity, this one's not for you!
glumbert - Use Of 'N-Word' May End Porn Star's Career

Now, this next one is one I really debated posting too. This one also involves the "N-word." But not really that "N-word!" I would not ever use that word. I don't like it, I don't even like hearing black people use it. This Dave Chappelle clip though is hilarious-you're laughing even while you're feeling guilty for laughing so hard! Dave Chappelle is a master at turning racism on its ugly head, showing the irony and hypocrisy and stupidity of racism while making us laugh our asses off! He is much better at dealing with racism issues than Carlos Mencia is. For some reason, Mencia sounds like he really means it when he does a racist joke. Chappelle, although blunt, makes it sound less ham-handed and or course more funny than Mencia. At least I think so!
I had posted a clip of his from his show about the black KKK guy (which heDave talks about in the intro to the next clip c3fun.blogspot.com/2007/06/hey-guys-hope-you-all-had-great-weekend.html and this one is in the same vein. Kinda. If you are offended by the use of that word, then don't watch this. Its pretty damn funny, and its a Dave Chappelle clip!

Ha! Talk about truth in advertising!

Coupla comics-Big Fat Whale-by Brian Mcfadden I had posted a strip a while back-getting-back-to-basics-clips-comics-and.html I discovered it from Matthew Caverhill's blog Culture Kills rantocracy.blogspot.com/

I really like Slowpoke www.slowpokecomics.com/index.html from Jen Sorensen-here's a couple of 'em. The latest and one from her archives.

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SouthLoopScot said...

Great Videos as usual!

Micgar said...

TnA: glad you liked them-I was a little nervous about posting those two vids!

Anonymous said...

Check this one out from QVC.

QVC Caller

Micgar said...

Tallfreak: Ha ha! I know! That's a classic!