September 23, 2007

Funny Commercials, and Fun with Idioms

I have been watching a little more TV lately. Don't know why. When I have free time, I usually surf/do emails, but lately I've been a little burnt on that. What's nice, is that I have been seeing a few more funny commercials lately. I like the ones that are darkly funny with some weird and ironic thrown in for good measure. Here are some I thought were comical and some classics, (probably not meant to be funny, but-they are!)
This first one had me rolling, it just blew me away! Then I began to see the other sugar/salt Dymo commercial that's pretty good. Great ideas for ad campaigns! Seems like these companies get a couple of good ad people, they pump out some great ads, (like the very first Caveman Geico ads) then they can't think of anything else that's fresh. Funny thing about ads: I never buy or seek anything out from being exposed to ads-I just like the product. But I do enjoy seeing these kinds of ads!
"His and Hers"


A classic: Mr. Yuck! Do you all remember this one!? Man this brings back memories! This particular Mr. Yuck commercial came out in 1971! Probably scared the shit out of me too!

A compilation clip, which has a few commercials you might have seen before, but some you might not. Some are "foreign"-(those guys always get away with more!)

A classic commercial: Steve Ballmer acting like an...well like himself for a very early Microsoft ad!

Hmmm. I don't remember the "Bing Bang Boing" contraption, but it kinda looked cool! Gee, is it my imagination, or did some of those commercials seem to be longer than the commercials we have today? Oh well. Oh, the nostalgia!

Geico-sans the now stale Cavemen:

Geico-"Behind the Patch"

Finally to end this commercial extravaganza, we have a couple of the Budget Rent-A Car ads from a while back. I loved these ads when they came out. (it seemed like more ads with this type of sardonic, visual humor were seen after these ads came out)
The "Jet Propulsion Pack" ad:

The "Aromatherapy" ad:

I know there are some other really funny ads out there-I will try to include some more next time! (I need to jot them down when I see them and then hope that some kind soul has uploaded them onto YouTube!)

Fun With Idioms: (although after looking at these you might think this should be retitled: "Fun with Idiots"!
For some reason, these idioms just lent themselves well to zombies! I just went with it!


Jay said...

that Mr. yuck was disturbing!
its a good thing i didnt see that as a child or i might be in therapy righte now!

Micgar said...

Jay cam: yeah I know everybody that saw that stayed way the hell away from poisons!