July 10, 2008

More YT music stuff!

* Sorry about that last War and Peace-sized last post! I promise that I won't do a post that long anymore! I had a **&^%$$'n hell of a time getting that thing to post too! I had trouble with the html tags and that caused my blog layout to change! I could not figure out what was wrong! You know what? It ended up being a Fox News video's code I embedded! Those guys are out to get me since I was making fun of 'em!

Anyway, I was perusing the YT files looking for a clips about playing some acoustic Zep songs (Going to California; Bron-Y-Aur) and came across this interesting clip for the song Going to California and some (more) funny clips and comments to go with it. I am not going to give the link for this guy-I know that you can find it anyway but give him a break ok? I know that you will probably think of his talents in a certain way, but come on- The poor guy-it takes some guts to go and sing your damn heart out on a clip all for people to leave nothing but scathing comments for it!

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