July 9, 2008

Let the Triops eat them!

As you might have seen me mention before, I try to keep the political discussion in more capable blogmate's hands, but due to the fact that I decided to watch some TV for a change, I have to vent! July 3 I watched a little more TV than I usually do. I don't watch much at all. I have a few comedy and news shows that I like but I was reminded today why I don't watch too much of the news type shows.

I watched a little of the Joe Scarbourough show-(I like Rachel Maddow). One of the subjects was Obama's supposed flip flops-especially on the Iraq war. Scarborough is such douche! I can't stand that guy! His caveats to centrist or rarely-liberal positions don't erase the fact that this guy goes too often with the right wing flow. Tonight, he repeatedly interrupted Rachel, and made light of her comments even as she made every effort to answer Scarborough effectively and accurately. And of course, the deck was stacked-there were 4 other centrist to right wing guests to Maddow's progressive stance! Of course! At one point, Ol' Scar said Maddow didn't have the answer he wanted, but he said she sure could cackle like Hillary! Rachel was very visably upset! She looked like she was gonna kill Ol' Scar! I was pretty mad too! I wish I coulda jumped into the TV set and threw a few punches at Scar's big wedge-shaped head! Of course, it was never explained exactly how the Obama statements made earlier in the day regarding the Iraq war amounted to a flip flop from previous statements! I felt then and there that this segment would generate some discussion on the blogs and sure enough, Daily Kos had this:


One thing about Maddow-she doesn't sit there quietly and put up with Joe's crap! I like the way she doesn't back down!

Later, I watched The O'Reilly Factor with John Kasich (subbing for Orally)-another right wing a-hole. If you have ever watched Heartland-the show he usually hosts, you might have noticed that Kasich seems to do this weird thing with his eyes, blinking them quickly like he has some kind of tic when he gets angry at some imagined left wing abomination! His head tilts to one side menacingly like some kind of schoolyard bully telling a kid to give up his milk money, and he seems to to be looking for a fight! And those eyes! They blink ever so quickly ! He's another guy that deserves a coupla nails pounded into his head. Naw! Just kidding-I wouldn't do that! I would only want to drive screws through that fool head of his with its weird blinking eyes!
Anyway, I watched Kasich and Denver City Councilman Charlie Brown debate Dr. Marc Lamont-Hill about the singing by of Rene Marie of the "black national anthem"-("Lift Every Voice and Sing") in Denver for the annual State of the City Address.

I thought Dr. Lamont-Hill really did a great job here! He didn't back down and got in a few jabs at Kasich even while being interrupted often as per Fox News policy. Now, I agree that maybe Marie should have asked if she could do a different version, but really, I think the Mayor and Brown are playing politics here, and racial politics at that! Lamont-Hill exposed the fact that at least Brown would not have felt the same indignation at a non-African-American-penned patriotic song if it had been sung by Marie. Kasich went on the warpath about Marie's statements in the past-head lolling to the side, eyes a-blinking-but I think, overall, Lamont-Hill did a great job here! I am surprised that Fox had not gotten someone like Juan Williams to bash around!

I had a hard time watching these shows. Its no wonder I don't watch too much TV!

Well, we recently got our son some a neat little science thing where you hatch and raise strange little creatures called Triops. They are a cool little science thing to do with your kids. Pretty interesting too. They have been around since the dinosaurs!

Triops.com – Home of Triassic Triops’ Dinosaur Shrimp.

Yep-we were in the hobby shop and our son likes to do science experiments, so I decided to get this little kit for him. It was a good thing we got two little kits-we spilled the first egg capsule and lost the eggs since these triops eggs are like a very fine powder! We used the capsule from the 2nd kit, and hoped for the best. There were lots of requirements for hatching the eggs-you have to use spring water; not too much water; has to be a certain temperature; have a lot of light, can't do this, can't do that, etc. We could do the spring water and try with the temperature, but that's about all we could do. I didn't think anything would come of it.

Surprise! On the 3rd day we could see these teeny little creatures wiggling around in the water! There were about 8 of them. They grew fast and soon were about a 1/4 inch long from their rounded head to their spiny, pointy, two-pronged tail. We are now on about the 12th day, and they are about 3/4 to almost an inch long! There are now only 3 of the little guys or girls left! We found out by reading the package and seeing firsthand that these creatures eat their own! Yes, they are cannibals! But they only seem to do it to get rid of the ones who would being down the triop...err... race! We observed one of the 3 larger ones eating a less fortunate smaller, possibly weaker, triop! As he/she devoured the other triop it looked a little weird and kinda macabre to tell you the truth!

After watching the Scarborough show and Kasich on O'Reilly's show, I kinda wondered what would happen if the triops wreaked vengeance on these two right wing whinies!

Here now, for your sick viewing pleasure, here is Scarborough and Kasich getting eaten alive by triops!

Scaring the Scallops out of Scarborough-

Scene 1:

"Hi. I'm Whinemaster Scar here. Where is Rachel? Where is she!? I want to interrupt her repeatedly! Damn it! Rachel!"

Scene 2-Scar finds a friend?
"Hey-what's this? Aww, this little creature is kinda cute. I think I'll just hold it and cuddle it for a while."

Scene 3-The end.
"Arrgh! It's attacking me! Arrrghh! Help! Rachel must have trained it to kill! Glorb! Gak! Gurgle!"

Kabobing Kasich-Rated R-The Kabobing will only be done to excessively-blinking Republican bullies.
Scene 1: Kasich hears something weird in the Fox News Studio:
"Hey! What was that!?" (blink, blink, blink) I feel like I'm being watched!"

Scene 2: Kasich confronts the triops:
"Who are you, and what do you want!? (blink, blink, blink) And why are you looking at me with those three strange little eyes of yours?!"

Scene 3 (the best part!) Kasich is devoured by the triops!: "Hey! What the!? Owww! You little! Ahhh! Ahhhh! I'm done for, folks! This little shit's gonna ki...Awww! For the love of Rupert Murdoch! Ahhhh!

Hope you liked those two little vignettes of triop terror!

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morgetron said...

That was the longest post EVAAAAR!!!
Just stopping by to tell you that your new profile pic is skerrrry.

I's skerred.

Micgar said...

Yeah-I know-it just got longer and longer! What a mess it was too! I had a lot of trouble with getting it up! I spent two days trying to get my blog back to where it was before just because of it!
That photo is really me-I look like that! I am just emphasizing the natural red-eyed ness and hairyness of me in the photo!