June 7, 2007

I feel sooo Rejected!

I remember seeing this next clip a long, long time ago. It was one of the first clips i had ever seen. Its called Rejected by Don Hertzfeldt, and it is one of the most bizarre, and one of the most violent animated clips i have ever seen. It makes you wonder each time you see it what the hell was Mr. Hertzfeldt on when he dreamed this stuff up!? I guess i am on an animation kick after posting those Tales of Mere Existence clips. Well, here goes. Its violent. Kids shouldn't watch it. And its weird! That being said, it is (very) darkly funny...in spots! The dancing whatever they are called are funny and the one who talks is funny. Until, well, I will let you discover that.

The next clip is a tale of some good-hearted animal lovers and an out of control cat. They had good intentions. Just not good results! Ouch!

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