June 5, 2007

Where else can you find comics, funny white kids and nuts screaming about helicopters?!

Hi gang! what I would like to do is to have a place where you can get some laughs and see some funny stuff. I would like to have some off the beaten path type comics, some comedian clips, and some general humor clips on this blog. For this week I would like to feature a comic I think is really funny, Bizarro, by Don Piraro, a comedian clip of impressionist Rob Magnotti, and a clip of The Whitest Kids U Know. As i get to know more and more about doing this, i will post more clips and comics for you to enjoy!

Bizarro-( May 1, 2007)

Here is a link to clip from the Whitest Kids U Know called "Poop Meeting." Its in poor taste, has a few cuss words and its gross, but its funny-at least i think it is!

Ok ok. We're not supposed to make fun of those who are mentally ill, but this guy is hilarious! I saw this clip about 2-3 years ago and i laughed my head off! It still makes me laugh and i thought it might for you too!
Lunatic in North Carolina rants about helicopters and ice in the arena, etc etc!

see you all in a couple of days!

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