March 3, 2010

RIP Jon Swift

Hard to believe this, but I just heard from Bluegal that Jon Swift-aka Al Weisel-died on February 27. His dear mom had posted a comment to let his fans know that he had passed. I had kept going back to his blog periodically to check and see if he would post something, anything-I loved his blog and back when I started, his was the first to check for new posts. The guy could write! He could make you laugh your ass off, and make a point at the same time.
He gave people like me, a chance to shine a little with his annual "Best Blog Posts of 20.." He was loved by both the left and right. He just seemed happy to contribute to any kind of social-political discussion of the day!

I sure hope his blog is kept online. I want to be able to go back once and while and laugh, and get some insight from reading some of the best blog posts ever written.

I know I will miss you, "Jon."

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