September 16, 2008

From wolverines to threats of gang-related shootings

Hi! How's it going!? Long time no see! I know, I know! I've been busy alright!? No, really, I have been busy with work and dealing with personal issues and professional issues and "other stuff"!

Well anyway, last night, I had to get away from all that other stuff, and where did I go? To that otherworldly sanctum of video ecstasy called Youtube! You see, Youtube can take me away, Calgon-it has all the necessary guitar/music videos I need to escape. It also has most of the comedic clips I need for a laugh, and it sometimes blows me away with stuff that I really don't expect!

Like, last night, for example. Here I am just aimlessly looking at clips about animals. For some reason, (don't ask me why) I looked up wolverines. I think I had seen a news blip about a wolverine or something, ok?! So, I'm looking for wolverine clips and I find one where a wolverine kicks ass on 2 wolves! I mean, the poor wolves had gone to all this trouble killing a moose or something-(they shoulda asked for help from Sarah P. huh?) and then this damn wolverine comes along and steals it. Not only steals it, but steals it in a very rude way! With lots of teeth gnashing and growling, yeah this wolverine didn't f$@% around! So, I want to find out more about this potentially vicious animal, but I'm distracted by the "Related Videos" link on the right of the screen. I see titles where there's fights between all kinds of different animals but with each click on the Related Videos, I get deeper into some shit I don't wanna see at all! I think the Related Videos thing is why we have banned our 7 year-old son from looking at Youtube! Hey! I really like your TTS! And More Moron music He likes to look at different kinds of machines- washing machines etc, jack in the boxes, cartoons, etc, but those damn Related Videos get him into trouble!

I finally get to this weird gangbanger shit, where some Sureno 13 gangbangers (who have unfortunately begun to set up shop around ABQ) are talking smack to some rival "Nortenos"! This one clip is getting all up on some Nortenos ass, talking all kinds of smack, maddogging it, esse! I look in the comments and, incongruously, (but somehow, very fitting!) amongst the nasty, undecipherable language and hopefully only written threats, is a spam comment that just melted all that hate away!
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I was tagged a few days ago by blogbuddy and fellow educator, Mathman When Will I Use This?
with the 5 different things- thing.
Well here goes:

1. Where was I ten years ago?
-September 1998- I was here in ABQ, beginning a tenure teaching in a special needs preschool classroom, at an elementary school about 5 minutes away from our house! I must have liked it-I stayed doing that up until last school year, when I became an itinerant early childhood liaison, working with special needs kids preschool to 3rd grade. I had taught a kindergarten special ed. classroom and the preschool special education classroom at another school for 3 years before that.

2. What was on my to do list today?
-work on some IEPs for upcoming meetings, and calling a parent about some issues. Email stuff; Pick up my son after school-(I am lucky I have my office where I write reports, IEPs, etc, at my son's school which is the same school I had taught at for 10 years-see above) to take him to his private Speech Therapist.

3. What would I do if I was a millionaire?
-I know this might sound bad as a teacher, but if I/we (ahem! says my wife!) won the lottery, I would want to quit working. (this would depend on how much of a millionaire I/we were, but, if it was a big win, I would want to finish out the year, and then resign, so that I could work on helping my son out more and advocating for him. Sometimes my (and my wife also) being tired affects how much I can do with and for him-simple things like going to the park, etc to other things like trying to implement at home some things that his therapists recommend we do, and doing more to help him deal with his autism. Being an educator is a very tough job, professionally and emotionally sometimes. I know there are some teachers who would never think of quitting but...that's their thing, and I applaud them. We should all hope that there are those teachers who can dedicate their whole lives to teaching our kids. I would probably want to help special educators with some expenses or other assistance since our state is so poorly funded education wise. I would help out my mom/family with some stuff, pay off a few things. Nothing extravagant.

4. Five places I have lived:
-that's easy-I haven't lived in more than two-here in ABQ, NM and Los Lunas, NM. Nowhere else.

5. Bad habits I have.
- not closing cupboard doors sometimes.
-not pushing in my chair
-staying on the computer for hours and hours-unless my wife gets a hold of me!

*If any of you blog mates want to do this tag, go ahead-no pressure!

Another blogmate, John from For Your Entertainment had this funny Jonathan Coulton zombie song- Your Brains: He has a link to Jonathan's site where if you drill down into Music and Mp3's you can find some good sometimes free funny songs. (This one is unfortunately not free-it's a dollar though, so what the heck)

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Dr Zibbs said...

Pound for Pound, Wolverines are the best kicakass animal.

Micgar said...

Zibbs- I didn't know that they had that much kickassery!