March 1, 2008

8 Things

Jen at Casual Slack tagged me with this meme about 8 Things etc. Well, here goes:

8 Things I am passionate about:

1. My political views (but I often keep them private)

2. my music

3. blogging/reading other's blogs

4. reading

5. watching basketball-(if its "my" team I sometimes get too into it!)

6. my son's (who has autism) success in school

7. Weekends-yeah, I know teachers are supposed to work on weekends too, but I try not to!

8. trying to keep our computer running in top shape/messing with software/tuning it up

8 Things I want to do before I die:

1. work in a different field than education-possibly in a computer-related field

2. travel -maybe NYC or Chicago- Or Spain to visit my cousin and his wife/family

3. win the lottery

4. lose weight and get into shape-(ironic for this heading!)

5. play in a rock and roll band-make a cd/play live somewhere(I have done it before, just informal jamming with friends)

6. write something-a book, something published somewhere (not just a letter to the editor)

7. learn to swim

8. go on a long hike somewhere in the mountains-maybe up north near Taos/Valdez NM.

8 Things I Say Often:

1. fuck!

2 capice!?

3. Oh, come on! (in traffic)

4. damn! or dammit!

5. what's with this guy!? (in traffic again)

6. Peww! You 'tinks! (I say it to our dog, ok!?)

7. oh crap!

8. oh, that sucks!

8 Books I Have Read Lately:

1. The Catcher in The Rye-(can you believe I had never read this!?)

2. The Chocolate War-(yes it's a trend with censored books-and again, can you believe I had never read this?!)

3. The Curious Incident of the Dog In the Night-Time-by Mark Haddon-I really loved this book!-I could visualize how possibly our son might be like Christopher when he's that age!

4. Blinded By The Right-David Brock

5. Tales From the Teacher's Lounge-Robert Wilder

6. What's The Matter With Kansas?-Thomas Frank

7. Armed Madhouse-Greg Palast

8. Blue Highways-William Least Heat Moon

8 songs I Could Listen to Over and Over:

1. Bop Till You Drop-Ramones

2. Naked As We Came-Iron and Wine

3. anything by Chris Whitley

4. anything by Elvis Costello

5. Wilco-Pot Kettle Black

6. Somerville-The Pernice Brothers

7. Rosie Thomas-I Play Music

8. The Trooper-Iron Maiden

8 Things That Attract Me to My Best Friends:

1. similar views on culture/life

2. commonalities-work in the educational field, music

3. don't always want to hang out together-getting together sometimes is fun, but not every other day!

4. same dry humor - they can enjoy a sick, dark joke without revulsion

5. they play guitar or music

*I really couldn't think of others-sorry!

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Distributorcap said...

hey there

thanks... got you linked...

as for the meme - oh boy
you want to make me think huh?

WendyB said...

Yes, sir!

Micgar said...

distributor cap/wendy:thanks for being good sports!

Moderator said...

Nice lists. Good books, music.

WendyB said...

Good GRIEF, this thing is long!

Micgar said...

Sorry-Wendy! I guess that's why they call it crazy eights...time on your hands better spent with Paul. didn't rhyme but hey!