February 25, 2008

Free... free as a bird...

So we all went out this weekend-my wife, my son, and I to the mall to do some clothes shopping. It was an overcast to partly cloudy day with intermittent rain showers. After the mall, we went to the nearby Office Depot so my wife could get some office supplies. Me and my son decided to stay in the car and listen to the tunes.

As we sat there, I noticed that there were many of these seagull-looking birds flying about, sometimes landing on the tall lamp posts for a bit, then flying off to soar once again. I mentioned these birds to my son, and he was interested in watching them because they looked of course like the seagulls in Finding Nemo-one of his favorite movies.

As I watched those beautiful birds flying high in the air and gliding with seemingly so little effort, It made me think of how wonderful it could be to be a bird and to fly. To soar like those birds would be so cool. I thought of this little poem:

(click to enlarge)

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Jay said...

hah that would be pretty bad for a bird!

imagine them falling from so high!
not good!

Some Guy said...

Beautiful poetry. Very poignant.

Oh, and I like your new banner!

Micgar said...

Jay cam: Thanks for dropping by-yeah birds would be out of "job" witht that kind of fear!
Chris: thanks-and Thanks!